8/18/21: PACT Announces A Legal Pathway for Loudoun, Fairfax and Prince William County Teachers If CRT Has You In A Precarious or Untenable Position In Your School

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PACT is excited to announce that we are now aligned with one of the world’s largest legal organizations that is committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, and parental rights to help school teacher’s in Loudoun, Fairfax or Prince William County. If Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum, training, disciplinary threats, etc. is putting you in a precarious or untenable situation, please let PACT know and we will put you in contact with the legal authorities that can help and discuss pro-bono options/opportunities.

If you are a teacher in Loudoun, Fairfax or Prince William County and can identify with or are experiencing the following (below) please contact PACT at either email address, provide background, and we will put you in direct contact with legal resources to discuss further:

info@stoplcpscrt.com OR info@parentsagainstcrt.com

Subject: Legal Concerns

  1. Are you facing disciplinary action, or have you been disciplined, for speaking out against Critical Theory or related concepts? 
  2. Has your school/school district forced or coerced you to affirm certain ideas related to Critical Theory? E.g., pledge to be an anti-racist; pledge to deconstruct your white privilege; pledge to deconstruct your oppression.
  3. Does your school/school district separate you and your colleagues during training or professional development based on race, sex, or religion? 
  4. Are you or your colleagues forced or coerced during training or professional development to disclose your so-called oppressive, privileged, or oppressed identities? E.g. “I am a white, Christian, heterosexual male;” “I am an oppressed [color/ethnicity/race] person.”
  5. Has your school/school district threatened you with discipline if you contravene objectionable tenets of Critical Theory training or professional development?
  6. Has Critical Theory training, professional development, or implementation of the training/professional development stopped you from going to work? Has it inhibited your work performance? Has it caused mental health or other personal problems?

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