8/1/21: LCPS Has (81,000) Students and (27) Are Non Binary! Are You Kidding Me With Policy 8040! August 10 the Feckless Board Votes.

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Non-binary identities fall under the transgender umbrella, since non-binary people typically identify with a gender that is different from their assigned sex

LCPS Enrollment by Gender: July 31, 2021

Gender# Students Enrolled% Students Enrolled
Non Binary270.03%

According to LCPS’s very own demographics data, dated July 31, 2021, there are (27) Non Binary students, (27) out of (81,000)! The percentage of Non Binary students is so low that it doesn’t even register on LCPS’s own chart. There’s not a reasonable person on the planet that justify cramming Policy 8040 down the throats of (80,973) students and parents. Policy 8040 states:

Now that we have the “official” Non Binary student numbers, it’s quite clear these (27) Non Binary students are being completely USED as pawns in LCPS and the radical progressives political agenda. If the people pushing Policy 8040 really cared about these (27) students they would not be using them as shield for their political ideologies purposes.

(27) Non Binary students is such a small number of students that I find it very difficult to believe that fair, respectful and just accommodations couldn’t be made. Non Binary students will certainly have some challenges and they deserve an equal education and protection just like every other student but is it fair to these (27) students to carry the weight of those trying to flip our educational institutions upside down? Is this the best way to create allies, understanding, and build support? It makes zero sense that these (27) families want to disrupt every other families beliefs by attacking them. I support fair, respectful and just accommodations for Non Binary students, not because the radical ideologues tell me I need to but because it’s the right thing as a human being to do. However, Policy 8040 is far from reason, tolerance, and respect of ALL students and families and I would NEVER support it.

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