7/9/21: Think High Priced Private Schools Will Save Your Kids from CRT? Think Again…At Least in Virginia

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Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) has been fighting, creating awareness, and exposing CRT for almost a year. During this time, we have heard countless families that they are seriously considering putting their kids in a private school if CRT is not removed from their school system. This includes MANY county’s from around the state of Virginia including; Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William.

Sadly, there are 100+ private schools around Virginia with many residing in the Northern Virginia area that are partners with Virginia Association of Independent Schools which is affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools. Think of NAIS as the NEA. These private schools in Virginia have an average annual tuition cost of $35,000+/- (2020-2021 VAIS Facts at a Glance) and just like the public schools, they are positioning, training, and implementing CRT. These schools include; Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, etc.

We’re not familiar with every private school in Virginia, and we’re not saying every private school is contaminated with the CRT ideology, but we know for certain there’s at least 100 that are. Read this article to see what happened to two families in Columbus, OH when the parents began speaking out against CRT. The NAIS controlled school unenrolled their kids.

Think twice before enrolling your kids in an overpriced CRT reeducation camp, at least review the listing of schools that can be found by clicking on the image above and doing plenty of research.

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Help and Share The Message!