7/30/21: PACT to School With Diversity Book(s) Picture Days and Share Excerpts of the Book(s) With Every School Employee and Administrator

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Let’s face it, LCPS and other school systems don’t have “Diversity Books”, they are peddling filth, smut, X-Rated, criminal and racist garbage. The only “diversity” is how the raunchy stories are played out. We have to keep in mind that even though LCPS is proud of the millions of dollars spent on this filth, they don’t want to display it proudly like a rainbow flag. No, No, these classics are located in “Diversity Libraries” within classrooms. Want to see how fast they disappear? Scheduled a “Diversity” book audit of your kids classrooms and all of the sudden Dr. Seuss books will magically appear, well maybe not Dr. Seuss since he’s racist but you get the idea.

Since we’re well aware of the shell game these people are playing, why not have your kid simply take a picture of the “Diversity” book collection is HIS or HER classroom? I’m not advocating for rule breaking, no, so think of it as show and tell in the reverse. We as parents are responsible for what material we want our kids to learn and be exposed to. NO teacher, school board or superintendent has ANY power over mom and dad and the ethics and morals they want their kid(s) to develop. There are few educators anymore, rather indoctrinators and we as parents and the community need to act and fight back however we can. Some of you may cringe at my next suggestion.

Keeping in mind that LCPS is so very proud of their “Diversity” book initiative, why not share the good news with ALL school teachers, secretaries, admins, cafeteria workers, people in the LCPS admin building, and anyone else around the community that would be thankful to see how their tax dollars are being spent?

Below is an email example I sent to a school principal, teachers, admin, school board, equity committee and Ziegler. Some might say it’s too radical, over the top, and unnecessary, this is not how an adult should behave. Well, there’s a little truth to that BUT it is adults doing this to my kids and your kids, so I’ll take my chances on not winning the Mr. Congeniality award. Besides, according to LCPS’s equity consultant, The Equity Collaborative, they believe in CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT THAT IS CAPABLE OF HOLDING STAFF MEMBERS IN A PLACE WHERE THEY ARE UNCOMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO CHANGE when teaching or “coaching” staff on CRT, not my words.

Taking this sort of approach may be uncomfortable for some. If you’re one of those people, send me the schools name, the name of the book and the excerpt(s) you would like me to share. The days of being polite and civil with radicals that are literally destroying our kids education, well that ship has sailed. Time to fight back using their own material and methods against them.

Help and Share The Message!