7/29/21: Check Out PACT’s Discussion With Black Conservative Females Very Own Dr. Felicity Joy!

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Tonight I had the pleasure of having an EXCELLENT discussion with BLACK CONSERVATIVE FEMALES DR. FELICITY JOY! We discussed everything from CRT to Manning Johnson, and Dr. Joy being called a “White Supremacist” simply because she is a Conservative! Thank you Doc!!

Dr. Felicity Joy’s Background:

Felicity Joy Solomon, PhD, has been a Dream Strategist since 2012. This career found her after over 20 yearsas a stage and screen performer and director. As she coaches people, her passion is encouraging them tostrengthen their strengths and, as soon as possible, outsource their weaknesses. She holds people accountable to their own values, not hers, which allows them to shine the way they were created to. She recently starred in her first movie, Reflections, a short film about the power of prayer.  

Her education includes a Bachelor’s from Princeton University, a Master’s in Teaching and a Doctorate in Christian Counseling. 

She has made her own dream of being a talk show host come true and now stars in 3 talk shows: Simply Felicity, about transformational Christianity; The Dag Show, where she trades wits with her “Odd Couple” style co-host DarrenDag, and the most successful, Black. Conservative. Female. If you are looking to sharpen the vision for your life, consider following her Facebook page, Virtual Vision U.

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