6/8/21: PACT Outside the Loudoun County School Board Meeting. This Is Unlike ANY School Board “Meeting” Around the Country, EVER!

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Tonight was LCPS’s 2nd to last school board meeting of the year. The videos below are a few short clips of PACT addressing a large, fantastic, and supportive crowd. Stand Up Virginia providing amazing support and Fight for Schools was collecting mass recall signatures again! PACT was being PACT.

While we were having fun outside, 120+ others were having fun on the inside addressing the school board and Professor Ziegler, LCPS’s newly named Superintendent. A few fun facts:

The school board called for a “time-out”, twice! The first time-out was because of the applause. Apparently they didn’t care for all of the support using an “old school” methodology referred to as “clapping”. The second time-out occurred when board member Beth Barts pulled out phone to video record certain people’s comments when they addressed the board.

I think the best thing of all is that this LCPS School Board meeting was being live streamed by Fox News the ENTIRE time!

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