6/7/21: Dr., Pastor, President Michelle Thomas, Talks “Jim Crow And Beyond in Loudoun County”

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Pastor Michelle began by discussing inequalities in Loudoun County Public Schools which have their roots in the Jim Crow era.

Here’s Dr. Pastor Michelle Thomas discussing the “Runaway Slave Game” at Madison Trust Elementary School. Turns out the whole thing was a scam.

Student to Dr. Pastor:Have you ever reacted directly with a KKK member? ” Dr. Pastor ANSWER– “Absolutely. After the Charlottesville incident we had part of an alt-right community that had applied for a marching permit. The man was from this area and was granted the permit. Everybody has the right to march. The only thing you can do is build relationships really fast and hope that you can influence him. I called him and met with him at Starbucks in Ashburn and we talked about it. I asked him “do you really want to see your town burned down? Do you really want to see me dead?”  After we had several hours of a conversation he withdrew the permit.. Little did the Dr. know that a year later BLM would burn ever town they could. Something about this seems fishy. Perhaps I missed it, but did the Loudoun Times Mirror or Washington Post report on this? The good Dr. would have been marching up and down the streets, over the river and through the woods, news reporter in tow. Keep in mind, this was 2/27/19, part of a scheme to portray Loudoun County as a white supremacist haven.

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