6/27/21: Loudoun County’s First “Chief Equity Officer” Carl Rush. Who is Carl? What Does This Mean for LC and LCPS? Ready, Set, FOIA!

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Photo of Loudoun County Chief Equity Officer Carl Rush

Carl A. Rush has been selected as the new Loudoun County Chief Equity Officer, County Administrator Tim Hemstreet announced today. Rush was selected for the new position after a nationwide recruitment. His appointment is effective July 8, 2021. As chief equity officer, Rush will oversee the development, design, coordination and implementation of programs, policies and practices aimed at making the county organization and community more equitable. He will work with stakeholders within the county government and in the community in support of the county’s equity goals, including identifying and eliminating any institutional policies and practices that perpetuate or bring about racial and social disparities and inequity.

Personally speaking, this is NOT good news. Take a look around the many communities around the country (outside of the schools) that have plummeted into cesspools as a result of people who hold s similar position as Carl Rush. Crime has risen, more elements of our society become “racist” (if that’s possible), and once again it is all based on rubbish. Notice the last sentence above is bold. I did that because “stakeholders” within the community means the NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, Holy and Whole Ministries, and Virginia Hemp Project, in other words, Michelle Thomas.

This is NOT good for Loudoun. Michelle Thomas and all of her corrupt organizations have entirely too much involvement in Loudoun County Public Schools, let alone Loudoun County.

Mr. Rush also founded an organization by the name of “Global EquityED”, based in Winchester, VA. Rush is the current director of equity and community engagement for Winchester Public Schools. The reason I said “Ready, Set, FOIA” in the title of this post is because we as a concerned community NEED to submit FOIA’s to the LC Government to understand if Global EquityED has any contracts in place with LC and/or LCPS. If so, how much are they worth? What are the projects and scope of work? This is important to understand because, I’ve we recently posted, the corrupt Loudoun Freedom Center, owned and operated by Michelle Thomas is set to receive a “one-time grant” from the state of Virginia, passing through LC Government to Michelle Thomas for $255,000. If you’re interested in helping, send me a note with the subject “FOIA”.

There is nothing happening in LC that is legitimate. It’s like a who’s who of a newly corrupted county using Chicago style politics and silencing people by crying racism and white supremacy. These people are race hustlers sowing division and taking over LC by any means necessary.

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