6/24/21: Two Mikes and PACT “Radical Loudoun County Virginia School Board Shuts Down 1st Amendment on Critical Race Theory”

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Today, The Two Mikes received a readout from Scott Mineo, leader of the Loudoun County, Va, organization “Parents Against Critical Race Theory (CRT),” about the county’ School Board meeting on 22 June 2020.

The Board meeting was called to give parents the chance to present their views about having their children indoctrinated with CRT. The opening speaker for the parents’ group was former VA State Senator, and decorated/retired Marine Corps Colonel Richard Black. Senator Black was given one minute to speak but was closed down before he completed his minute.

The head of the school board then ended the board meeting, letting none of the other scheduled speakers talk. A bit of commotion ensued as the attendees demanded to be heard, but the School Board brought in the police to clear the room.

There was no violence, but one man was arrested for refusing to give up his 1st Amendment right to speak. The session drew some media attention, and Mr. Mineo explained to The Two Mikes how his organization is planning to keep anti-CRT pressure on the School Board.

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