6/20/21: Meet the Radical Prince William County School Board!

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Prince William County School Board is as disgraceful as Loudoun County, except for Jennifer Wall. Take a look at these (3) short videos from the last PWC school board meeting on 6/16/21. Notice EVERY time each of these individuals brings up anything having to do with CRT, Implicit Bias and the like they SHUT THEM DOWN, even threatening a student that he will be seated, unable to finish his remarks if he doesn’t fall in line. Why? Because these dopes cite some sort of law that states people can only make public comments on THEIR agenda and their comments would have to wait until the fall. However, is this true? Nope, not according to PWC’s own documentation:

PWC: “The School Board welcomes and encourages comments from the public on all issues before it, or that may come before it.”

Procedures for Citizen Communications with the School Board

Prince William County residents, Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) employees, students, and business partners may present their views on issues of public concern which relate to the operation of PWCS, either by submitting written or electronic comments to the members of the School Board, or by addressing the Board during the time periods designated for citizen comment at School Board meetings or during public hearings. These opportunities for community input do not require Board members or the Division Superintendent (Superintendent) to discuss or respond to the speaker’s views nor act on a request or proposal.

Citizen Comment on Agenda and Non-Agenda Items

Prince William County citizens may speak on agenda items or non-agenda subjects of general public concern which relate to the operation of the School Division, in an initial thirty minute period following approval of the consent agenda, or as otherwise provided in Section II.E, Time Limitations, of this policy. Citizen comment during public hearings shall be confined to the subject of the hearing.

Inappropriate Topics

Citizen comment time and public hearings are intended to allow the Prince William County school community to address the School Board regarding topics or subjects which relate to the overall operation of the School Division and are of public concern to the school community.

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