6/2/21: New! Parents Against Critical Theory “Get Involved” Tool-Kit

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New Parents Against Critical Theory Tool-Kit!

Fighting Back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not a small effort.  However, “Fighting Back” doesn’t necessarily mean throwing open the doors, and yelling to the world “I’m here and I’m ready to fight”.  It does require a genuine willingness and a few things to consider:  

  • Discuss as a family, because this is one heck of an endeavor 
  • Be prepared to develop think layer of skin, or CRT body amor
  • You’re already considered a racist (no matter what color you are), so just accept the premise, and this will allow you to move forward without these ridiculous statements and distractions.  Debating this is like arguing with a (2) year old
  • Be prepared to become a “researcher”
  • Be prepared to become frequently angry with what you discover, it’s natural.  However, you will eventually become numb, and while this isn’t a good thing it will allow you to maintain focus, NOTHING should surprise you
  • Be prepared to be committed (both forms of “committed” may apply)
  • Consider using an alias for safety & security reasons until the time comes and you’re “outed” 
  • Keep your activities somewhat quiet or “on the down-low”

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