6/19/21: Does the KKK Have You Confused? Republicans? Democrats? Who Tried to Protect Black Americans From the KKK?

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The “Enforcement Act” of 1871: Ku Klux Klan Act

Ever notice the radicals and the NAACP are always referring to white people, and especially white Republicans/Conservatives as the “KKK”? Seems kind of odd. We all know who “invented” the KKK and why, Democrats but many aren’t familiar with a little known piece of legislation known as “The Enforcement Act of 1871: Ku Klux Klan Act“. First the build up:

The Civil Rights Act of 1866: This Act was passed by REPUBLICAN Congress in 1865 and vetoed by DEMOCRAT President of the United States President Andrew Johnson. In April 1866 the REPUBLICAN Congress again passed the bill again to support the Thirteenth Amendment, and Johnson, the DEMOCRAT President again vetoed the bill.

The “Enforcement Act” of 1871: Ku Klux Klan Act is pretty simple and plain common sense. It was meant to combat attacks upon the suffrage rights of African Americans, and to combat the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other white supremacy organizations. Here’s the kicker, it was a REPUBLICAN controlled House/Senate that passed the Act and signed by a REPUBLICAN president, President Grant.

There’s so many more details to be included but we thought we’d stop here……for now. However, here’s the best part ALL of this information is sourced from the liberal and heavily left leaning Wikipedia. Time for the dishonest and unfamiliar people to learn the truth about the KKK and the Democratic Party.

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