6/14/21: Terry McAuliffe Claims CRT is a “Right Wing Conspiracy” But Just (6) Days Earlier Obama Confused By “Right Wing” Concerns Over CRT (3) Videos

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For some reason Terry McAuliffe seems to believe that all of the hoopla in Virginia over Critical Race Theory is because all of us dummies have fallen for a “right wing conspiracy that was totally made up by Donald Trump and Glenn Youngkin”. Clearly the man is stupid and a liar. Just (6) days earlier, the first black president of the United States, Obama, attacked the “right wing media” for having concerns about CRT. Then, exactly (1) month ago on MSNBC, Ibram Kendi and (2) other guests attempt to debunk the “Right’s” attempts to cancel CRT.

Here we have (2) different people, both black, both hardly Right leaning, one a former President and one an “expert” in the field of CRT confirming CRT’s existence. Notice neither one even suggested that CRT was a conspiracy theory or created out of thin air by Trump or Youngkin.

This post is more for centrist Democrats and Independents, not radicals, no progressives, and not the far Left.

June 14, 2021: McAuliffe Calls Critical Race Theory “Another Right Wing Conspiracy totally made up by Donald Trump and Glenn Youngkin”

June 8th, 2021: Obama Surprised “Right Wing” Concerned Over Critical Race Theory
May 13, 2021: MSNBC Experts including Ibram Kendi debunk GOP’s attempts to cancel Critical Race Theory

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