5/5/21: CRT in LCPS? The Entire LCPS Administration Is a Circular Lying Squad

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This video with Denise Corbo seeking advice on how to address public comments at board meetings and on social media regarding Critical Race Theory is quite sad. What they are wondering is how to deal/respond with all of the “misinformation”, “false information”, “information that is not accurate”, “misconceptions” coming from the public. The answer that the lady in the top center provides is just refer people the the superintendents statement. That’s where they direct all media inquiries and everyone has to be on message. So, the entire school district is supposed to carry forward ZEigler’s lies of “no CRT in LCPS” like good little soldiers?

Is there not ONE person in all of LCPS Admin, besides John Beatty, that has any self respect, sense of obligation to the people of Loudoun to be truthful? One guy in the video keeps looking for a fly, one guy looks to be listening intently but is pondering if the color “red” is actually “red” and not “yellow”.

Denise, let me say this, CRT is not a “subject”, it’s a theory, and a BS theory at that. CRT has more tenants than there are numbers. LCPS IS teaching CRT and the tenants act as the proxy or gateway for this insidious material you all seem to think is educational. I refer you to Memo #050-19 from the VA DOE. This is who you all take your orders from and you are making them look really bad with all of your deception and lies. Let me know if you need more examples.


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