5/5/21: Black Lives Matter Marxists Release New List of Demands. Time to Update LCPS Educational Material

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BLM material IS TAUGHT in LCPS. Look up Learning for Justice and Racial Equity Tools. Not sure LCPS will fit it into their agenda this school year BUT keep your eyes open nonetheless. LCPS, LCPS-Equity Commandos, and NAACP all live in a racist fantasy world that is quite sick and demented.

Black Lives Matter Marxists released a new list of demands this week.

The list, that was published on the Black Lives Matter website, includes the complete defunding of police and convicting Trump and banning Trump from office in the future.

BLM goes on to say police were born out of slave patrols and were based on white supremacy.

This is pure insanity. 
Democrats are openly promoting the breakdown of civil society.

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