5/27/21: CRT & Culturally Responsive Framework Are Being “Rebranded”

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Everyday narratives that marginalize, minimize and disrespect people of color and those with less privilege should be replaced with ones that do not demonize individuals but understand the systemic and structural barriers that limit possibilities and the ability to thrive.

The above statement from Equitable Evaluation Initiative simply means that things like Critical Race Theory and Culturally Responsive Framework/Teaching have garnered a lot of negative attention (rightfully so), therefor they, and by extension, school districts will need to rebrand their indoctrination efforts. Where did this come from? Directly from one of Loudoun County Public Schools largest “Equity Partners”, Racial Equity Tools and their May 2021 update.

To be clear, when they say “Everyday narratives that marginalize….” they are referring to those of us that do not accept the premise of a radical ideology. They are admitting that they have to change the name of their ideological narrative, this is what they do! Can you see how they are calling people racists in just a few words because you won’t accept what they’re pushing? That’s their ONLY defense, calling people racists who refuse to accept this bogus narrative.

Don’t read what they say/write, read through and into what they say/write. It’s called “word-smithing” or play on words. It’s all just one big synonym meant to confuse and distract.

If it looks like CRT, and smells like CRT, it’s CRT

“Equitable Evaluation Framework At A Glance”

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