5/21/21: Slavery Has Never Ended, Only Grown Stronger – Breaking 911 “150+ MISSING CHILDREN FOUND IN NORTH CAROLINA OPERATION”

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What does this news story have to do with Critical Race Theory? Everything. The evildoers behind the Critical Race Theory push focus on beating people over the head with the slavery club, they want to make sure you understand that you and allllll of your ancestors are responsible, therefore, we need to uproot American society and declare everything is racist.

If these people are so fixated on slavery, why isn’t there a single discussion on modern day slavery, which is alive, and well in 2021 thanks to something called the “internet”. Living a life full of resentments only makes a person angry, bitter, and hateful. How about putting selfish needs aside, and IF you really are disgusted, and loathe slavery then how about a concerted effort to help the millions of kids that are abducted and used as slaves every single year, even as I sit here and type. That’s a community, and humanitarian effort all walks of life would get behind. Let go, move forward and help those that are still alive but trapped in this sick life of slavery.

Charlotte, N.C. – More than 150 missing and/or runaway children were located in North Carolina, officials say.

During Wednesday’s weekly press conference, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department joined with several of its partners to share the success of Operation Carolina Homecoming, which was a collaborative effort focused on the recovery of missing and runaway juveniles in the Charlotte area where previous efforts to locate them had been unsuccessful.

Prior to the start of the operation, work by Detectives and Marshals resulted in the recovery of more than 130 missing and runaway juveniles. Following this preliminary effort, Detectives and Marshals launched the intensive recovery efforts of Operation Carolina Homecoming. Between April 26 and May 7, 2021, two-person teams consisting of CMPD’s Missing Person Unit detectives, United States Marshal Service deputies and the Department of Public Safety Missing Persons Unit conducted extensive searches and located 27 more missing juveniles.

Police said “several of the juveniles were discovered to have been engaged in high-risk activities such as prostitution and narcotics activity, and a few of them were victims of human trafficking.” To provide them with resources for recovery, the CMPD leveraged partnerships with Atrium Health Levine Children’s, Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center, the North Carolina ISAAC Fusion Center and Mecklenburg County Child Protective Services.about:blank

“Kids don’t need to be living alone in hotels, kids don’t need to be living alone with an older partner,” CMPD Captain Joel McNelly said. “Kids who are actively taking measures to avoid being recovered. They’re self-sustaining, they’re trying to make money, support themselves.”

“These kids were engaged in high-risk activities,” McNelly said. “Not to sugar coat anything but narcotics activities, human trafficking, prostitution.”

Dr. Stacy Reynolds with Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital told WCNC. “Even if a kid goes out there with good intentions that they’re going to stay on the straight and narrow, it doesn’t take very long to get cold and hungry and succumb to the pressure of somebody who knows just how to time their effort into manipulate you into activity you maybe otherwise wouldn’t have wanted to be apart of.”

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