5/2/21: New PACT Website – Parentsagainstcrt.com Is Finally Ready! Resources – Research – Readiness

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On March 12, 2021, Loudoun County Public Schools School Board member Beth “Black Lives Matter” Barts issued a “Call to Action” to her drunken misfits that we refer to as “Chardonnay Antifa” to go after PACT, my family, my employer, me, our website, parents, teachers, etc. As a result, multiple complaints were filed with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department by multiple people and families.

I’ve received death threats, our GoFundMe was cancelled, received countless hate messages and Beth Barts and the LCPS-Equity Commandos even publicly called to “Silence the Opposition” and did so from their official Loudoun County Public Schools Twitter and Facebook accounts.

As a result of all of this, PACT decided flip them all the bird, and created a second website called “ParentsagainstCRT.com“. Over the past few months people from across the country have asked what they can do, how can they get started, and whether or not PACT has a local presence. Since our local presence is here in Loudoun County, VA, we decided to create our new website to help other across the country. It is strictly focused on (3) R’s: Resources, Research, and Readiness. Instead have having people crawl all over the internet looking for CRT information, resources, and how they can engage in a local fight, we wanted to try and centralize all of this information in one location. What you can expect in the v1.0 release of parentsagainstcrt.com:

  • Over (150) Articles, Studies, Research Papers, etc. from the top CRT resources across the country: James Lindsay, Chris Rufo, The Heritage Foundation
  • Over (250) videos from: Ben Shapiro, PragerU, and New Discourses (James Lindsay’s Team)
  • In-depth information on what an Equity Consultant is, based on our real-world experiences here in Loudoun County
  • “Equity” based presentations that were created and used by Loudoun County Public School’s Equity Commandos, Superintendent, detailed information on exactly what a “Culturally Responsive Framework” is about
  • How to “Get Involved”, getting organized, CRT Glossary, and information on FOIA’s
  • Additional resources that may also be helpful in the quest to bring normalcy back to our schools and society

We’re not done! This is just the initial release, and there’s a lot more information for us to provide!

Help and Share The Message!