5/19/21: New LCPS Student Bias Incident Portal (video of submitting incident)

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“Dear LCPS students,

At LCPS, we are committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment in which every student feels included, valued, and affirmed. To help us in achieving that goal, LCPS has created an opportunity for students to anonymously share their stories of bias experienced within LCPS. A bias incident is an act of discrimination, harassment, or intimidation directed against any person or group that appears to be intentional and motivated by prejudice or bias. These anonymous stories will be used at the Share, Speak Up, Speak Out sessions with Student Equity Ambassadors, as well as inform next steps for professional learning and support for school staff. LCPS students can share their stories using this Google Form.  

Information shared on this form will not necessarily be investigated by Stone Bridge staff, unless students provide their name and ask for follow-up. We encourage all of our students to still report these incidents to a trusted staff member or administrator so that we can investigate and provide appropriate interventions or disciplinary action. Please reach out to any SBHS staff member to discuss any concerns you might have.

Assistant Principal 

Help and Share The Message!

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