5/11/21: LCPS High Disciplinary and Suspension Rates for Black Students? Is there Proof or Are We Expected to Just Take Their Word For It?

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In an effort to advance the radical Critical Race Theory agenda here in Loudoun County, and everywhere else around the country, the Marxists hone in on things that amount to nothing more than conjecture. They try and get everyone all amped up on word or a phrase and simply expect people to believe what they are saying is the absolute truth, otherwise you know, you’re a racist.

One word often used when referring to disciplinary or suspensions as they relate to black students is the word “disproportionate”. Disproportionate means “something is too large or too small in comparison”. The key word to focus on is “comparison”. The Equity Commandos in Loudoun County, and around the country ONLY focus on race when talking about discipline and suspensions, and forego any data to substantiate their claims about that the disciplinary and suspensions rates for black students are truly “disproportionate”. Why do they do this?

  1. They’re too lazy
  2. It would blow up their entire narrative
  3. People would know the truth

Additionally, the Equity Commandos intensionally omit the disciplinary offense categories, the disciplinary offenses resulting in suspensions AND repeat offenders. Why? Same answer as above, but once again when you ask these types of questions you’re expected to take them at their word or, yup you’re a racist.

Below are (2) different tables and the information is provided by the state of Virginia Department of Education. I don’t know why school year 2016/2017 is the most recent data available but that’s what we’ve got. If the state of Virginia DOE has disciplinary metrics, based on categories and count of infractions AND they provide the same for suspension rates, then why can’t LCPS and the Equity Commandos use this data to quantify their whole “disproportionate” narrative? Until then, I call this myth busted.

VA Dept. of Education Disciplinary Offenses 2016/2017

Offenses2016-2017 Count
Defiance of Authority/Insubordination20,576
Classroom or Campus Disruption17,746
Disruptive Demonstrations16,025
Minor Physical Altercation14,327
Using Obscene/Inappropriate Language/Gestures11,119
Disrespect/Walking Away10,198
Fighting: Mutual Contact–No/Minor Injuries, No Med Attn.7,356
Minor Insubordination4,490
Threatening Student (physical or verbal threat or intimidation)4,421
Other School Code of Conduct Violation Not Covered in These Codes4,105
Assault Against Student/No Weapon2,834
Assault/Battery against student without injury2,255
Cellular Telephones2,129
Theft Offenses (except motor vehicles)2,040
Threatening Staff Member (physical/verbal thread)1,829
Drug Possession/Use of Schedule I and II drugs1,819
Offensive Sexual Touching Against Student1,150
Offenses2016-2017 Count
Assault Against Staff: No Weapon1,093
Sexual Harassment829
Drug Violations Schedule III-VI Poss./Sale/Dist./ Paraphernalia739
Bringing a Knife to School/School Event (more than 3 inches)667
Bringing Razor Blades/Box Cutters/Knife less than 3 inches to School/ Event554
Misrepresentation (altering notes, false information, cheating, etc.)494
Inappropriate Personal Property (food/beverage, clothing, toys, etc.)492
Possession of Other Weapon (instrument/object to inflict harm)457
Unauthorized Use of Technology and/or Information454
Tobacco Paraphernalia to school events380
Sexual Offenses Without Force352
Electronic cigarette (possession, use, sale, distribution)341
Cyber Bullying264
Possession of Obscene/Disruptive Literature/Illustrations261
Violations of Acceptable Usage Policy260
Bomb Threat231
Bringing a Toy/Look-Alike Gun to School/School Event203
Drug Violations Schedule I and II Anabolic Steroid, Marijuana–Sale/Dist.188
Over-the-Counter Medication Possession182
Electronic Devices (radios, tape players, etc.)156
Possession of a BB gun148
Offenses2016-2017 Count
Gang Activity116
Inciting a Riot108
Bringing Fireworks/Explosives to School/School Event105
Violations of Internet Policy105
Drug violation– look a-like–use/poss.103
Possession of Weapons/Chemical Substance75
Bringing Ammunition to School or School Event70
Over-the-Counter Medication Use66
Offensive Sexual Touching Against Staff66
Causing/Attempting to Cause Damage to Computer Hardware, Software or Files61
Assault Against Student–Firearm or Other Weapon51
Over-the-Counter Medication Sale/Distribution39
Malicious Wounding without a weapon37
Possession of Taser34
Sexual Battery against Student34
Theft or Attempted Theft of Student Prescription Medication29
Bringing a Handgun to School/School Event25
Possession of Inhalants20
Possession of Stun Gun16
Use of Inhalants15

VA Dept. of Education Disciplinary Offenses Resulting in Suspensions 2016/2017

OffensesCountsPercent of all 148,678 Short-Term Suspensions
Defiance of Authority/Insubordination2115314.23
Classroom or Campus Disruption1880612.65
Minor Physical Altercation1715811.54
Disruptive Demonstrations1659111.16
Fighting: Mutual Contact–No/Minor Injuries, No Med Attention130298.76
Using Obscene/Inappropriate Language/Gestures115407.76
Disrespect/Walking Away103606.97
Minor Insubordination47803.22
Other School Code of Conduct Violation Not Covered in These Codes42472.86
Threatening Student (physical or verbal threat or intimidation)27931.88
Assault Against Student/No Weapon22101.49
Theft Offenses (except motor vehicles)21731.46

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