4/6/21: Black Lives Matter “Cities Will Be on Fire and All Hell Will Break Loose” If Officer Not Convicted in Floyd Death

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Regardless of how you feel about George Floyd’s death, is this type of threat coming from Black Lives Matter helpful? Nope of course not. You know what’s less helpful? Loudoun County Public Schools “Equity Partner” Learning for Justice provides students and teachers with access to 4,000+ Black Lives Matter “educational” resources, in the name of “equity” of course. Remember, Learning for Justice is only ONE of the many LCPS “equity” Partners.

4,000+ Black Lives Matter Teacher and Student Resources

How Does This Compare to Other, Say More Important Subjects?

Clearly, 4,000+ resources for Black Lives Matter is excessive, and the number should be closer to zero. For the fun of it, we looked at (5) core educational subjects: Math, History, Science, Reading, and Writing. I also through in the subject of “White People”. Learning for Justice & LCPS offer close to 6,000 resources on this topic alone. So you can see where LCPS’s focus really is. It’s not core subjects, it’s race, and social justice. Doesn’t seem to be very “equitable” when compared to the other more important subjects. For the Love of Pete, remember, LCPS-MSAAC is NOT teaching Critical Race Theory.

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