4/5/21: VR Maddox Leesburg Diversity Commission Needs to Step Down

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3/30/21 VR Maddox, Leesburg “Diversity” Commission: “Hang up your hoods and get a clue”

I think VR Maddox needs to step away from her position of being on the Leesburg “Diversity Commission. How in God’s name can ANYONE take the town of Leesburg, LCPS-MSAAC and LCPS School Board seriously with a racist on the “Diversity” Commission? Is it common practice for the “Diversity” Commission’s members to lash out at the Loudoun community with racist, defamatory, and suggestive remarks like “Hang up your hoods and get a clue”? How does this help LCPS-MSAAC? It doesn’t, it only further proves that the Equity Gang is embedded with anti-white, racists that are out to destroy Loudoun County.

By saying “Hang up your hoods”, that’s just another way to try and “silence the opposition”. So considering they have no position to defend what they are REALLY trying to do, they respond in the typical fashion of racist BS. This is the epitome of black supremacy.

Leesburg, make the right decision. Does VR Maddox really represent Diversity? Nope.

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