4/5/21: Is Education the Sacrificial Lamb for CRT and Equity? Is “Equity” Being Applied “Equally”, or Only Being used At the Discretion of Those With An Agenda?

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With LCPS being in the news so much lately because of CRT and Equity, we’ve overlooked quite an accomplishment by LCPS’s very own Stone Bridge High School Football Team! We all know the season was anything but normal BUT to be 5-0 with (3) of those wins by 50 or more points is not easy. I’d say, this is a very talented group of athletes!

While I don’t know any of the players on the team, I’d bet that they have all worked their butts off since they were much younger. I’d also bet some of these athletes land a scholarship and maybe a few go pro! I hope so, they certainly deserve it and I mean that. The physical endurance and stamina required is brutal, but if it’s their life long dream, who should stop them? No one.

However, I can’t help notice that Stone Bridge DOMINATED every game below. Despite having an equal number players on the field, equal number of positions being played, or either team having home-field advantage, before the very first snap, each team had an equal chance of winning. Beating an opponent 61-7 hardly seems like the equitable thing and it may disproportionally impact how the loosing team feels. Perhaps to “level the playing field”, Stone Bridge should recruit a 120 pound kid from the science or book club to be a starting linebacker? This might be the “equitable” thing to do. This would accomplish (2) things: 1) Provide their opponents with a better chance of winning and 2) Allow those that were unable to compete during tryouts a chance to play, you know, make sure that everyone can play, regardless of their abilities.

I don’t really believe this. The Stone Bridge football team worked their butts off to dominate and win, and strive for that scholarship, and NO ONE should take that away from these kids. Why is it so difficult for people to want to apply the same standards for education? CRT is removing these same opportunities away from kids, academically, that are afforded to athletes. If no one at LCPS-MSAAC can articulate the difference between CRT and this Equity nonsense, then maybe they can explain why the double standard? It’s about “equity” right or just how they perceive and define “equity” and who it impacts?

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