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On 3/25/21, PACT’s GoFundMe was cancelled because of LCPS, LCPS-Equity Committee, and of course Chardonnay Antifa. Then, on 3/26/21 the LCPS School Board, LCPS-Equity Committee sent out a “call to action” to “silence the opposition” from their official LCPS account.

The purpose of this post is to:

  1. Share all of the amazing, encouraging, compassionate, and thoughtful comments people provided when they made their donations (200)
  2. Show LCPS, LCPS-MSAAC, and the NAACP what a real “call to action” looks like, and that whole “silence the opposition” thing hasn’t worked out too well either

Date Givesendgo.com/stopcrt Fundraiser Created: March 30, 2021

  • Number of Donations Through April 25, 2021: 344
  • Number of Donations Between 4/19-4/25: 182
  • Average Donations Per Day: 12.75
  • Number of Encouraging Comments: 200
  • Number of Prayers: 163

Amazing, Encouraging, Compassionate, and Thoughtful Comments

1Thank you for all of your efforts to eliminate the hatred CRT is creating and spreading.
2Here from Epoch Times article. For Education vs Indoctrination see edfirstnc.org, they also have “Save Girls Sports”. Lots of good info on how to fight CRT. Also on how Black families have been targeted for utter destruction: Takechargemn.com. Bill Owens has excellent backstory book: A Dream Derailed. See Salvo magazine “Black Dad’s Lives Matter Most.” Conservative tsunami coming!
3We must stop this! It is teaching racism and dividing our country. One courageous leader stiffens spines everywhere. Thank you, you will inspire parents all over America.
4CRT is racism! We all need to fight back by donating or volunteering. Thank you!!
5Please keep fighting
6Can you spell Communism? Doesn’t anyone remember that Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto! God help us all. God bless what was the United States of America !!
7Keep up the good fight and expose this poisonous ideology!!
8Keep up the good fight. We need to save our children from receiving this type of damaging Marxist indoctrination. It’s dehumanizing. 
9Keep up the good fight!
10It’s too late for my children, but I’m hoping you can make a difference in our future generation’s learning.
11So glad to see parents standing up against what their children are being taught. All parents need to be aware. Glad to contribute to this, and hope to see more and more opposition catch on.
12Will pray for you! We appreciate your courage and commitment to saving America and our kids. 
13And GOD created man. Male & female he created them. I dream of a day when all men will be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin. ? Why would anyone oppose this just dream ? GOD save our republic !!
14“Educators” in America poisoning the hearts and minds of the very individuals for whose welfare and social development they hold professional responsibility-to turn children against themselves and others is unconscionable. As an RN for 46 years, including direct pediatric clinical/supervisory experience, I do not need anyone to explain to me how this could possibly be anything but damaging…..
15Thank you fellow Patriots. We need to protect our children. I pray for peace in our nation.🇺🇸
16CRT is not meant to bring people together, but to destroy. This is CREATING racism. I will pray for all of you who are pushing back.
17CRT is a poisonous lie. Please keep up the good fight against this evil.
18Keep up the good work. There are many people of all races who support you!
19CRT is a load of – thanks for standing up against this unsubstantiated liberal notion. Math is not racist! The right answer is the right answer – if you don’t get it, then work harder.
20Thank you for what you’re doing. Please keep fighting against these evil ideas.
21Fight on and thank you from California 
22Thank you for standing up.
23Bravo for fighting the liberal indoctrination of our national treasure…..our children!! Never stop…. because the liberal socialists won’t. Semper Fi! 
24Go get the actual racists! Absolute morons.
25please send me 1 email so i can share your wisdom. i want to speak personally to someone who is in charge. thanks
26Courage is contagious and yours will inspire more parents to stand up for what is right and against the left. 
27Keep Growing.
28I’m praying for you and this effort to fight the indoctrination of our children. 
29Praying for our country and thanking you for standing up to left’s continued attempts to indoctrinate our children with socialism/communism/and division. May God bring truth and mercy to you and our country. 
30Best of luck in countering the CRT threat to the kids in your county. 
31Thank you for fighting this fight! Stay strong!
32Good Luck & God Bless! Everybody should read “The Deep Rig”
33Go get ’em! CRT is divisive and destructive. 
34This is important work you’re doing, Scott. We’re from Arizona but this is obviously a national concern. Best of luck on your efforts!
35Keep fighting the good fight!!
36Stand up against these extremists! Thank you for doing it!
37I’m praying for your success and for MLK’s wonderful dream to be achieved: that we don’t just anyone by their skin, but by their character. Stay strong.
38We have to educate the teachers first. They are the front line.
39Keep up the good work!
40My thoughts and prayers are with you and your campaign against this egregious CRT teaching. “…my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. (Eph. 6:10). God Bless.
41Keep up the good work
42I’m a NY grandfather. This contribution is for my grandchildren’s future.
43Excellent cause .. we must group together in mass, and speak out against this CRT being taught to our children! Please share, share. Share and ask your friends to give. Amen we must do this for our children 
44Be encouraged, stand firm, and keep blowing the message out. We will not be bullied.
45Anything that divides children on the basis of race or economics is unacceptable and should be fought with everything we have.
47We are fighting CRT in NH and will be standing up a webpage shortly. Our allies in Hollis NH are doing a great job. Keep up the fight and never bend the knee! Character over color!!
48Proud of what your group is doing!
49thank you for doing this
50Thank you!!!
51Thank you for standing up to Marxism and fighting the poisoning of our children’s minds.
52I am so upset as to what is happening in our schools. I’ve removed my two girls from public schools after learning more time was spent on social justice topics then writing, reading, math or science. The schools are overstepping their bounds, trying to be parents to our children, telling them exactly what they should believe, how horrible the white man is. We must stand up and we must say no!!
53I am in chapel hill North Carolina and would love to help spread this education here. Let me know how I can help 
54We are all created equal and CRT and/or equity is not equality. Those teaching it should be stopped and we commend you for exposing this and we support you in your efforts to stop it. Putting parents names on list with whom they oppose is wrong and un-American. 
55Blessings and prayers for this group.
56I’m trying to fight the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the high school I graduated from. I took a meeting with the current Headmaster, and discussed Critical Race Theory for an hour. I sent him articles and videos to educate him on what these “diversity consultants” were adding to his curriculum. 
57Thank you for showing that short video of some ridiculous teacher trying to get some kid to acknowledge something beyond two people in a picture “chillin.'” And it is interesting how the teacher accuses the student of somehow being in denial of some difference between the two. This teacher is teaching racism but would deny it, no doubt. It’s like asking a fish to define water!
58Go get ’em! This is critically important for the entire country. Thank you!
59Fight on, team!
60Great work!! God bless and Godspeed.
61The video was very helpful in understanding the outrageous behavior of the teacher denying the intelligent answers of the student. 
62Thank you for taking a stand for the future of our children. 
63Keep up the good fight against racism! God Bless PACT & America 🇺🇸
64Don’t give in. Don’t give up. CRT is racism (if not child abuse) to teach kids of color there is no hope for them in America?! To teach white children they are perpetrators?! They are trying to start a color war. No. No. No. 
65The rest of Virginia is counting on you. Thank you for leading the charge against Cultural Marxism. 
66Stress that everyone should learn as much as he/she can, and advance as far as he/she can, in order to be able to positively affect the future of the country.
67I’m giving because I just read about the proposed changes to the VA math standards and diplomas. I don’t live in loudoun but this is the only group in Va that I know of that is fighting this. The idea that the standards are too high for minority students is astoundingly racist and I’m aghast that people don’t see this.
68Thanks for standing up to the woke mob.
69God bless you!
70God bless you in your work!
71Way to go guys. Give them . Loved hearin what you guys are doing and i would appriciate if you kept me up to date with your progress and ill put the word out to everyone to donate to you.let me know what i can do to help.keep fighting the good fight. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump. 
72The direction of the schools is unbelievable. The teachers are more and more progressive and unkind to the conservative children’s views. This type of drama should NOT be in our schools, brainwashing our children. It is the law to send children to school, WE THE PARENTS must stand up to what they are teaching. JOIN YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL BOARD! FILL THE ROOM AND STAND UP FOR OUR CHILDREN!! 
73Go get them! This is part of the globalist’s plot to take down the United States. It’s plain abuse and harassment. There’s nothing loving about what they’re doing. Keep after them with relentless determination. They have no right pushing this agenda on people’s children. They’re job is to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic proficiently. Hire a civil rights attorney and do a class action
74No advanced math classes, and hate and shame propaganda – what a terrible change from excellent public schools in Virginia. Thank you for fighting for the future of this country!
75I saw your link on Epoch Times. Keep up the good fight. Your grassroots effort will spread exposing the so called CRT and put those that seek to divide the country out of work. Please everyone give to this cause to protect our teachers and children from woke bullying.
77Keep up the good fight…our kids are our future!
78We are grateful for your courage and hope this can help.
79Keep up the good fight.
80Give it all you’ve got! I’m praying for you! 
81Keep up the good fight! We have to save the kids and our nation!
82I am so glad to see this organization take off! Let me know what I can do to help. I live in Yorktown VA and my son will be a senior next year and I am so thankful that will be the last year of his K-12 education. However, I will still fight to protect all kids from this Marxist indoctrination.
83Keep up the fight against CRT and the racism it breeds
84Thank you
85May God be with you all!!
86Thank you for taking on this crucial task. My children are out of school now. One is well adjusted and confident, the other is confused and retains some of the self-hatred that’s being taught in schools now. Thank you for helping make our schools better for this and future generations
87Educational truth is all we ask for. 
88As an “overripe” college student, I went back to the community college to scrape together credits to get an undergraduate degree in honor of my dead uncle. It will probably be useless for work. I was blown away by the overtly (to me) manipulative nature of the material in the “ethnic studies” department. Perfectly designed to cause grief and neurosis in partially educated people. 
89keep it up or we will have not country for our children
90Thank you for representing us in this vital cause.
91Keep up the good work, thank you
92Thank you for your brave efforts!
93God bless you for courageously standing up and helping protect America’s children from this divisive and destructive marxist indoctrination. Godspeed!
94Go Parents! Fairfax County Legislative Action Group is with you!
95God bless you freedom fighters. I dont have children yet, but believe they are the only hope for America’s future, and must never be allowed to be abused with such toxic garbage as CRT or anything by any other name. I work around schools and see the indoctrination happening, I pray it’s not too late. Keep up the fight, the children and our futures are at stake!!
96I have great admiration for all that you are doing to protect our children. God Bless You.
97Thank you for all you do. God be with you
98Sending support for reality-based rather than agenda-drive learning.
99Good Luck!
100Keep up the good work! In Christ Jesus!
101Stand firm!
102Good luck with the fight
103Critical Race theory, intersectionality, the BLM Afrocentric agenda, and toxic leftism must be pathologized and abolished wherever they dare seek a foothold. Whether in schools, the workplace, or even in private relationships, it must be opposed. 
104Good for you. CRT (or whatever name) and Project 1619 have no place in our schools. Our children should be taught the values and principles as our Founding Fathers intended.
105Keep fighting. This is Communist-Orwellian thought and concepts dressed in “sheep’s clothing”. There is little that is more important than getting the coming generation(s) of this great nation as far away from this type of indoctrination as possible. 
106I’m starting to see CRT in MD and NY state schools. It’s rampant at my job. I’ve been speaking up but have been dismissed multiple times. Thanks for organizing.
107CRT is dangerous. Please continue to fight against it.
108Thank you for your courageous work. Be strong and courageous; don’t be terrified or afraid of them. For the Lord you God is the one who will go with you; he will not leave your or abandon you. Deuteronomy 31:6
109Have courage and faith in God. Many are with you.
110This is for my new grandson and all of the American children that need to know the truth about this great country and it’s people. God bless you for taking this on 
111I am pleased to support your efforts to expose CRT and its goals of undermining our country and brainwashing our precious young minds to believe they are oppressors or victims due to their race.
112Fight the good fight!
113God bless you for fighting this problem. I am so glad that my children and grandchildren got their education before this nonsense appeared. When they were in school they would have been corrected if they used race as the primary identifier not coaxed to do so. I find it unfathomable that the school system is buying in to this. Good luck to you and again thank you for taking this on.
114May the wind be at your backs!
115Good luck!!
116Thank you for leading this effort to stop this vile indoctrination of our children. 
117I really fear for our nation’s future. Critical Race Theory is rooted in marxism, actually teaches racism in disguise and is dangerous and our children cannot be indoctrinated this way! We all need become WOKE and fight this! I never dreamed my country and our freedom would be in such jeopardy! 
118CRT and its promoters are evil. I have no children, but do have a 13 year old grandniece. This is for her. May God grant you success in your efforts.
119This is for my 4 granddaughters in LCPS.
120God bless you for all that you are doing! I share custody of my daughter with my ex and he is a far leftist who won’t allow me to remove her from the school. Lord help us! Praying for everything you’re doing and god bless our children in America!
121We’re all behind you 100%!
122Critical Race Theory is poisoning the minds of our children and must be stopped. 
123El idiota nace no se hace. Latina against Chardonnay Antifa.
124I fully support your movement, I hope it expands nationwide. CRT is a dangerous anti-American ideology that needs to be abolished. CRT does not promote societal unity, it promotes the exact opposite, division. 
125Thank you so much for standing up. The Loudoun County government and school system have forgotten that they work for the taxpayers of Loudoun County, not deep pocket national political action organizations. Time to clean house.
126These people must not be in control. Godspeed. 
127I can’t stand commies; it’s very commendable that you are fighting them in your school district. I hope you take over the school board! I am very much under-employed right now but this cause is important enough for me to give something to you. Use it well and never give up. 
128Wow, Beth Barts is one sick individual. Her demented hatred of herself and other White people is dangerous. The hate and racism just oozes out of this lady. Would like to see PACT go nationwide. Keep up the good work.
129We want a chapter in RI
130Thanks for championing this important cause!
131Please continue to protect the children of Loudoun County.
132Keep up the fight!!
133Schools should educate not indoctrinate. Thank you for standing up for all of us. 
134Thanks for taking a stand, Scott
135I appreciate your efforts to stand up to our neighbors with fascists tendencies. Good luck.
136Thank you for the stand you all are taking! Very brave given today’s current political climate. 
137Thanks for everything you are doing. If your catching flak you are over the target. 
138Thank you for doing this. 
139Praying for our Country 
140Thanks for protecting the minds of our children Scott!
141CRT=HATE, LOCO PUBLIC schools, funded 100% by taxpayers has no business supporting political agenda. We can’t talk about God in school. We should not teach our kids anything other ready writing and REAL HISTORY. 
142All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing -Thank you for taking a stand. We will pray for your goals to be met and the path forward!
143Gif bless you. This indoctrination of our children has got to stop! We all are Americans … period. We are checking on our school district curriculum to make sure we do not have this. Deep Equity is evil and needs to go.
144CRT is a malignancy teaching us and our kids to hate their own country. Must be put to sleep…for good.
145Prayers to you all as you defend this cause. 
146As a resident of Loudoun County, it’s outrageous that my tax dollars are funding this nonsense and now we have to fork over even more money to stop this. 
147Boycott GoFundMe
148Appreciate Fox & Friends for covering your situation; your efforts benefit all.
149I’m a former resident of Loudoun County. Please know thousands of people across the country support and appreciate your fight. 
150Thank You for fighting for our country & it’s children 
151Thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting to protect Loudoun County children from this divisive end harmful ideology!
152CRT is Godless Marxist propaganda, designed to destroy our Nation. Neither Federal nor State funds should EVER be spent to further it. LCPS is no different from Arlington County PS. The same insanity.
153We must protect our children from Marxism, racism and hate. This is our home, if you lose this fight is it worth staying? Please give. 
154The silent majority cannot remain silent anymore! Progressivism is destroying this country from within.
155Advocate for our children the hope of our future. 
156Thanks for taking a stand. The world is watching. Be brave and defend truth. God is with you.
157Thank you for standing tall for our future leaders of America!! You are making a difference and the World is watching! We are all Americans no matter the color of our skin. We need to teach our children love of country, and love, respect and compassion for their fellow man no matter what their skin color. America is only strong if we stand together. Thank you!!
158Thank you for standing strong.
159Fight on!!!! 
160Thank you for standing up for what is right!
161Stay vigilante!
162Thanks for standing up to the bullies.
163Critical Race Theory is poison.
164Keep fighting the good fight against racism!
165Keep pushing for what is right!
166Thanks for leading the fight. Love over hate. 
167I fully and gladly support any group that will keep our country’s heritage alive and fight against any that tries destroy it. 
168Thanks for your courage!
169I’m a Fairfax County parent and Support your fight. 
170All the best! 
171Thank you for taking a stand. Donating to this noble cause is the least I can do.
172Thanks Scott! Keep the pressure on!
173Nonsense is nonsense and suppression is only done by those in power who fear losing it.
174No matter how you characterize it “equity” is inseparable from Critical Race Theory (CRT) which is divisive, racist and Marxist. Efforts at social engineering are ruining the quality education in the Loudoun County School system. We need people who have the best interests of the students and their education at heart…not those driven by ideology.
175I figured out that the video is a conversation between a teacher of CRT,which is the telephone voice and a student that is the clear voice…God bless you on this fight. We must rally around this cause and push back. Scott, I think this may just up into something bigger than just your school district. Thank for fighting the good fight! Behind you 100%
176Fight the good fight. CRT is radical, divisive, and just pain evil. School is a place for learning math, reading, etc. This type of teaching should be done by parents if they CHOOSE to do so. You are in my prayers.
177I will be praying for you to succeed against these fascists who want to deprive people of their first amendment rights and silence those who disagree with them. Thank you for taking on this fight!
178We live in a world where we care more about what we see on our screens more than our own experience. We have to fight for truth. Never surrender.
179Best of luck on your mission to save our children.
180Hope you get more donations here than whatever that other site was called.. and hopefully givesendgo makes a name for itself! Stand strong, you’re in the right.
181Thank you for your bravery. History will remember it as heroes.
182Thank you Scott for fighting for our children to live in a country where they are judged by their character and not the color of their skin.
183Good luck and thank you for leading the good fight!
184The Revolution starts now!!
185Prayers to you!
186Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without Freedom of Speech.”. Benjamin Franklin. It is your right as parents to support education that you believe is best for your children. Lack of school choice is the #1 failing of our country. 
187Keep active and resist the progressive left/socialists
188The video on the header of this page is confusing. I am not sure which sides are speaking. It’s an important distinction to make. It is also uncertain what the point is. I am all for not judging people by the color of their skin, but for the content of their character. If possible, can the video be explained a bit more?
189God bless and good luck!
190I am happy to find your service and glad you are sponsoring this effort. 
191Need to get this site out to more people. 
192Fight on
193I live in NYC and send my kids to private school so PACT has no benefit to me. But I donate a fair amount of money to worthy causes. If the money raised if through GO FUND ME, they simply will not receive my donation. Such a shame 
194Blessings on you brothers and sisters, we will prevail if we keep the faith
195Thanks for fighting for freedom of speech!
196Go get ‘em! You are fighting for truth. 
197Thank you for stepping up to fight neo-Marxism.
198Keep it up, PACT! We know exactly what LCPS is up to.
199Equality & Opportunities > Equity & Outcomes
200God bless you for your work here. I want to help any way that I can. I have a daughter at XXXXXXX HS. please call or email me if you need help YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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