4/23/21: This Is Exactly Why I Do NOT Want BLM Beth Barts Recalled

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There’s been a lot of talk about getting Beth Barts recalled. I am against it. Why? Look at her Facebook posts below. In the first image, BLM Barts wants to come together as a community to discuss race, prejudice, and civil rights. Seems noble but then she has to go and add “White Privilege” and ruin everything!

The Loudoun County community consists of approximately 60% white people, and Barts wants to come together as a community when she just labeled 60% of the Loudoun County community as having white privilege. Nothing racist, or discriminatory about that. I wonder what the focus would be on, perhaps White People and all of our privilege?

Can you see why I don’t want her recalled? I’m actually almost embarrassed for her………..Nah! Type away Barts, type away!

The irony of this second post is she says “in the past commenters were often attacked by other commenters.” That statement couldn’t be more true. However, all the way back on March 12, 2021, Barts initiated a call to action of sorts, and then Chardonnay Antifa was born. Remember BLM Barts what they plotted to do? Attack PACT, me, my family, teachers, etc? How’d that workout? See the irony BLM Barts? Ooops, almost forgot, on March 26, 2021, you and the Equity Commandos called to “silence the opposition”. Again, see the irony?

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