4/22/21: Loudoun County Public Schools, Equity Presentation at Guilford Elementary School and “Post Indoctrination”

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More great output from Loudoun County Public Schools

Sample of Guilford Elementary School Student Indoctrination “Assignment”: Cesar Chavez and How Wonderful He Was

A few quick comments about this writing assignment:

  1. In no way is PACT vilifying this Guilford Elementary School students writing assignment
  2. We’ve heard the word “indoctrination” used quite frequently, almost to the point where people tune out any conversation that includes “indoctrination”, believing it’s some sort of “Right-Wing” conspiratorial racist word. However, rarely do people actually hear or see “indoctrination” in action. Listen to this real video of a teacher attempting to indoctrinate a HS student, and read a “post indoctrination” writing assignment from an elementary school student below.
  3. Cesar Chavez was created with the help of his mentor, Saul Alinsky (wrote Rules for Radicals). Chavez could not stand his employees, often referring to them as “pigs” Additionally, Chavez could NOT stand illegal immigrants, felt they were a threat to striking union workers.
  4. The video above only has the image below for literally (1) second, I wonder why.

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