4/20/21: Equity Commandos and Learning For Justice Preparing Students for a “Safe Space” After Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict And Never Mention the 7 Year Old Little Girl Murdered Just the Other Day

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Seriously a “Safe Space”? The Loudoun County Public School system, and the Board of Supervisors are a joke. They, and all the other radical “woke” morons want to make this a political and “educational” moment.

“Black Lives Matter” doesn’t really care about black lives, and clearly you don’t either, unless it fits your agenda. How do I know it’s all BS? Easy, I have not seen a SINGLE “Safe Space” being afforded to LCPS kids to “process” the MURDER of a seven year old little girl at McDonalds the other day. Yup, McD’s was shot up in a gang related drive-by shooting that cost this poor little girl her life. SAY HER NAME you ignorant hypocrites, JASLYN ADAMS. Let’s be clear, Jaslyn was NOT the only black child murdered this week, and not one was murdered by a white cop either.

From: Equity Commando
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2021
To: All Elementary Staff
Subject: Today’s Verdict 

Dear Staff,

This evening Derek Chauvin was found guilty.  Here is a link to help you prepare for potential conversations that may take place this week.  These resources will help you create a safe space for your students to process today’s verdict.  Please let me or Brittany Webb know if you have any questions.


Elementary School Equity Commando

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