4/18/21: MO Parents Help to Shutdown CRT! This is Action, Great Work!

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MO House Bill 952 to Drop CRT Goes Up for Vote!

I am writing to ask you to take five minutes to support House Bill 952, which is currently before the Missouri House of Representatives with a hearing THIS MONDAY, APRIL 19, at 5pm.  Sponsored by Representative Brian Seitz (District 156), the bill excludes the harmful and divisive ideology called Critical Race Theory (CRT) from Missouri public and charter schools.  Some of our most distinguished schools, have implemented this ideology in “identity workshops” and student discussion groups.  Parents have been unsuccessful in convincing these school boards to terminate these programs; legislation is therefore our only option. 

Critical Race Theory is founded on dividing people into groups based on immutable and objective characteristics like race, gender and ethnicity, then labeling those groups as either oppressed or oppressors.  Children at their most impressionable and insecure ages are assured that these characteristics over which they have no control “intersect” to make up “who they are.”  Differences between individuals and groups are highlighted and exploited; blame is assigned regardless of responsibility.    

In our family, for instance, our daughter, who was adopted from Central America and is Native American, would be labeled “oppressed,” while her parents, brother and grandparents, would be labeled oppressors simply because we have European heritage.  Where people are no longer judged based on the content of their character, but instead on their skin color and other neutral characteristics, we have embraced the exact reverse of the dream Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., so ardently desired and fought for.   

If you want to learn more, I’ve attached a document that offers more information on Critical Race Theory and some of the ways schools have implemented it.  

I have also attached a PROPOSED BILL TEXT, which expands the original bill text, and which we are working toward having incorporated before the Committee meeting tomorrow.      

At this stage, there is very little time left in this year’s legislative session.  It is imperative that we offer testimony in support of this bill DIRECTLY TO THE COMMITTEE BY MONDAY EVENINGTHROUGH THE LINK BELOW.  Length and detail are not necessary; if you are moved to support this bill, your testimony stating “I support HB952 in excluding Critical Race Theory from our schools.  Signed, XXX” is sufficient to be helpful!!

Here is the link for written testimony (the Bill here is called “1619 Project” after one of the offensive curricula): https://www.house.mo.gov/WitnessForm/Default.aspx?bill=HB952&noticeid=6161

 Thank you so much for considering this request.  We are eager to protect all Missouri children from manipulation, division and confusion at school, where all parents hope they will feel secure and supported.

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