4/17/21: Canceling Critical Race Theory Is Not Partisan, and Should Not Be Partisan. It Is “Revenge Society” and “Racism Under New Management.”

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CRT is not and should not be a partisan issue, but that’s what the CRT pushers want you to believe. Unless you’re a progressive who believes in the radical CRT ideology, and someone who values the education of your kids and all kids, you’re going to have to pull the lever for a Republican this fall. Even if you have to hold your nose, do it, otherwise we will be at a point of no return.

CRT impacts us all, regardless of political party or ethnicity. I’m not trying to convince anyone to switch party’s, only asking that if you do NOT want CRT in our schools, voting for a Republican is the only way. There is not one Democrat running to abolish CRT. Deep down we all know that creating a segregated and racist society, because this is what CRT is doing, will literally bring the country we’ve all called home to an end, and for what? Race hustlers?

By M. Dowling, The Federalist -March 18, 2021

As Thomas Sowell, the brilliant economist, said, Critical Race Theory is “revenge society” and “racism under new management.” Unless people become educated and put a stop to this, we will destroy ourselves from within, using our children. This should not be partisan and it should transcend politics. No sane person should want this taught.


One courageous Governor is canceling it.

Florida Governor DeSantis will ban the evil ideology of Critical Race Theory now infiltrating our schools, government, and private businesses. It has even infiltrated the military. It’s indoctrination in evil.

This horrific theory is being taught at West Point Military Academy. It’s evil and it’s unAmerican. Go to Christopher Rufo’s Twitter page for more information. He has a website as well and he’s fighting it. Also, go to Legal Insurrection and listen to some sane, courageous professors.

Laura Ingraham addressed it on her show:

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