4/16/21: Loudoun County Public School HS Student Perspective On Critical Race Theory Being Taught

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TACT (Teens Against Critical Theory) is a new PACT initiative whereby these students can share their experiences being exposed in the classroom, as well as being ridiculed for by others for “going against the grain”. The public has hear a lot about CRT from the media, politicians, experts, parents, PACT, etc., however, we NEVER hear from the victims themselves, the students.

Students need an outlet, some place to share their stories, experiences, and nightmares, and PACT wants to provide this type of platform for students. Not just students from Loudoun County Public Schools, but from across the country.

Final note from PACT. I DARE Andrea Weiskopf (LCPS teacher), ANY LCPS School Board Member, ANY LCPS-Equity Committee (MSAAC), or the NAACP to publicly call these students racists, white supremacist, or oppressors because they are anti-CRT, and have not bought into your CRT indoctrination attempts. I can promise you, the community, and the media won’t look kindly on this.

TACT: Loudoun County Public Schools, HS Junior Student (Hispanic)

My experience with Critical Race Theory in Loudoun County Public Schools has been absolutely horrible. No matter how many times it was denied by Superintendent Williams or currently being denied by Ziegler, Critical Race Theory has been inserted into the curriculum being taught by LCPS teachers. Since I began attending Kindergarten at Seldens Landing Elementary School, I have been aware of everything being taught to me. I have observed teachers blatantly insert leftist content into the curriculum that they teach without any consequence. I refuse to stand by while LCPS attempts to brainwash the children of this school district without any semblance of parental consent.

The children in this district will be the next leaders of our world and the content that is taught to them will determine the future of our nation. The LCPS school board should immediately acknowledge what they have been teaching to the children of this district and apologize to all parents in this district. Sadly, I know that this most likely will not happen because I have seen the ignorance of the School Board many times. I watched LCPS stand by while they were openly shamed and exposed for their deplorable conduct on national media. This further demonstrates how tone deaf and ignorant the LCPS school board is. The LCPS School Board is more concerned with their equity brainwashing projects than the wellbeing of students. They would rather force children to wear masks while playing sports and keep children at home staring mindlessly at their devices than actually serve their community. The Loudoun County School Board is a disgrace to the State of Virginia. 

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