4/14/21: Why Is An LCPS Middle School (Trailside) Promoting The Radical Agenda of the Biden-Harris “Administration” On Their Website?

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Normally, I would find the homepage below in poor taste, and move on. However, since LCPS is teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools, lying about it, AND the Biden-Harris “Administration” has passed every Executive Order imaginable in support of CRT, anywhere and everywhere, I feel compelled to, in the words of the NAACP “demand” that Trailside Middle School remove this quote from Kamala Harris from their website/homepage. It is in violation of LCPS Policy #7524 “Staff Participation in Political Activities”.

Principal Bridget Beichler, Trailside Middle School: Phone: 571-252-2280, Email: Bridget.Beichler@lcps.org

LCPS Staff Participation In Political Activities: Policy: 7524 (page 1)

No employee shall engage in the following activities:

1. Use his or her position within the school division to further a political cause, campaign, or support of any issue on any referendum matter during work hours.

2. Distribute campaign materials to any students and/or staff during school hours, except when such distribution is relevant to the curriculum and current candidates for the same office are treated equitably in accordance with Section B of this policy.

3. Suggest in any official work capacity that the school division or any component of it supports or opposes a candidate for election to any office or any particular political party.

4. Discuss internal confidential affairs in a public forum.

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