4/14/21: Another Day At LCPS, And Another Useless, Racist, And Meaningless Post From ZEigler and the Equity Committee

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Today, Professor ZEigler decided to surface, using his real identity, and show his support for the racist and oppressive LCPS-Equity Committee. However, he probably should have used his pseudonym “Tim Smith” because he only used (6) words, misspelled one, and used incorrect grammar. Now, I know I’m not an English major, and some of mi posts aren’t aLlways grammatically korrect, and I can live wit dat. This guy is the Superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools, and if he’s only going to Tweet (6) words is it too much to expect proper English and spelling?

In all fairness, perhaps ZEigler was just excited to share how LCPS’s new Equity education will look moving forward. Was this a precursor to his big “Equity” education announcement? We are surrounded by morons.

Microaggressions, a Stupid, Oppressive, and Racist Concept

Notice how similar the meaning of “microaggressions” is to racist? The main difference being that “microaggressions” can only be committed by white people because they are all “Implicitly Biased or Unconsciously Biased”. Like I said, stupid. However, if you consider the “microaggression” examples that LCPS has provided (see below), their attempt to unilaterally associate “microaggressions” only towards white people is flawed.

LCPS’s CRT curriculum is centered around “Whiteness”, “White Supremacy”, and “Anti-White” material. I find it ironic that one of the “microaggression” examples is “Singling students out in the classroom because of their background”. This is EXACTLY what is happening to white students, it’s obvious, and everywhere, however, “microaggressions” cannot be applied to white people, only non-whites. Nothing racist about this.

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