4/13/21: Another LCPS School Board Meeting And It Doesn’t Get Any Better

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In the latest episode of “As the LCPS World Turns”, we have one school board member dressed like “Rainbow Heart” Care Bear, another showing she’s down with the fraudulent, phony, Marxist, and racist BLM, our famous BLM wannabe flunky teacher who believes ELECTED school board officials are not supposed to serve their constituents, and finally new required reading of one of Ibram Kendi’s amazing “anti-racist” books for high school students.

It’s not Halloween and there weren’t any Black Lives Matter “peaceful protests” scheduled. These are two of our Loudoun Count School Board Members representing. Not sure what they were representing, but they were present, and well who cares.

Leslee “Care Bear” King

Beth “Black Lives Matter” Barts

  • BLM founder recently purchased (4) homes in the US, and property in some island country
  • BLM gives ZERO money to black communities, rather white Liberal politicians
  • BLM has been destroying yet another community in MN because a black guy was killed by a cop
  • In Chicago alone, (155) mostly black men have been murdered by another black person between 1/1/21 – 4/8/21. Not a peep. No rallies or protests to “stop the violence”, nothing.
  • BLM education is widely available in LCPS
  • What exactly is “Black Lives Matter” Barts supporting?

Andrea Weiskopf, the wannabe BLM leader, and LCPS teacher that recently called LCPS parents “racists” for opposing CRT, actually says to the school board “You’re not here to serve your constituents, you’re here to serve the students”. Did I mention she’s a teacher?

Take a look at the upcoming REQUIRED reading for LCPS high school students. Not mine and that’s for darn sure!

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