3/9/21: Michelle Thomas, NAACP Receives $3,000 Check From Sterling man Because Why???

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Why did Michelle Thomas from the NAACP, a political activist “civil rights” group, receive a $3,000 check from a guy that did something that DID NOT involve her, the NAACP, black people, white supremacy, racism or white privilege?

We don’t normally post stories like this, but then again, how often to they come up? Probably more than you would think, this one just happened to be made public. I’m not here to defend this man nor do I agree with what he did. However, was it the crime of the century? How many black people suffered irreparable damage as a result? In fact, how many black people were victimized? None. So that generates a few the questions:

  • Why did Michelle Thomas, President of the NAACP receive a $3,000 check from the man involved?
  • Do you really expect us to believe that these two “victims” decided “Hey, why we don’t we get the NAACP involved, have this guy write a $3,000 check to Michelle Thomas to help provide “scholarships” for graduating students?”
  • The NAACP is about power and money period stop. Hypothetically speaking, is it not possible that the racist cancel culture card played a part here?
  • If these two “victims” were in fact white, is Michelle Thomas and the NAACP going to give the money to white students graduating? Not a chance in hell.

THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL (POST), please connect the dots! This is EXACTLY what’s being done within LCPS. Our school system is being turned upside down, we’re a national laughing stock, everyone is racist, we’re surrounded by white supremacists, and racist mathematics is coming to a school near you very soon. Why? Race hustlers, victim creators, actual racists, and black supremacists are dictating the terms that LCPS is to be run. Why are the parents and citizens of this once fine county allowing these Equity Nazi’s to get away with this?

One more hypothetical, imagine a small business (1 person, maybe 2) receiving $200,000 from the state, which is then funneled through the county, with deceptive “amendments” that completely bypass long held state laws and requirements, for a “proposed” “historical concept” that is really just virtual with minimal “curriculum” to offer. Sounds an awful lot like Chicago and Al Capone, just saying, hypothetically of course.

Loudoun Times Mirror:

A Sterling man charged with assault for blowing on two activists in November outside Trump National Golf Club in Sterling is settling his case by donating $3,000 to the NAACP Loudoun Branch.

Raymond Deskins, 61, of Sterling, provided the check through his attorney Monday to Michelle Thomas, president of the NAACP Loudoun Branch, Thomas said.

She thanked the two defendants in the case for suggesting the idea. The $3,000 will help provide scholarships to a graduating senior at each the 17 high schools in Loudoun.

“I’m grateful for them,” Thomas said. “Helping kids achieve their college dreams is a great way to respond to bad with good.”

Last November, video circulated on social media after Deskins, not wearing a mask, forcefully blew on two women outside the golf course at 20391 Lowes Island Blvd. He wore a then-President Donald Trump shirt and an inflatable pool tube bearing the president’s likeness around his waist.

According to authorities, law enforcement did not witness the incident and the video did not capture the whole interaction, so the LCSO conducted an investigation on the scene, during which both parties were advised to seek a citizen-obtained warrant from a Loudoun County magistrate.

Deputies later served a warrant to Deskins and charged him with misdemeanor assault, and he was later reportedly released on a summons.

“We had to do all the work ourselves. We had to be the victims of the crime. We had to be the law enforcers for the crime. It was it was pretty unpleasant,” said Kathy Beynette, who filed the complaint along with Patricia Razeghi.

The women, wearing masks, were protesting outside Trump National Golf Course two weeks after Joe Biden was elected president over Trump. During the incident, Deskins taunted the protesters, shaking his pool float and walking toward the women before taking a deep breath and blowing on them.

Faced with serving up to a year in jail and paying a $2,500 fine months later, Deskins accepted a recommendation by Beynette and Razeghi to make a donation to the NAACP Loudoun Branch for its scholarship fund.

Beynette and Razeghi said the process to get any justice has been challenging, but they are happy that this will benefit some graduating seniors. The two received support from four members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors requesting an investigation into the incident. Those members included Chairwoman Phyllis Randall (D-At Large) and Vice Chairman Koran Saines (D-Sterling) and supervisors Juli Briskman (D-Algonkian) and Mike Turner (D-Ashburn).

The two women currently have protective orders against Deskins.

“We were really up against it, and it took a lot to get this thing to go to court,” Razeghi said. “It took a lot of pushing, but we did it. So, we figured we got to make something good out of it.”

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