3/25/21: Board Member, John Beatty Tells Truth About CRT in LCPS, Now LCPS and The Equity Committee Want Him Censured (video of John Beatty)

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

To All Equity Evangelists: 

  • Quit “Oppressing” students and non CRT believers with your “racist” ideology
  • Stop Your “Micro & Macroaggressions” towards Students, teachers & parents
  • Quit Going After PACT Fundraisers That Was Also Meant to Help LCPS Students
  • Stop Making Proverbial “Hit-Lists” and perpetuating your “individual racism
  • Stop with YOUR “institutional racism
  • Seek “restorative justice” yourselves
  • Stop seeking “power” through your own “prejudice” if you really believe in “racial healing”

3/22/21: A group of disgruntled has-been social justice warriors sent an email to the LCSB and the Equity Committee to censure LCPS Board Member John Beatty for “his most recent misrepresentation of facts and his continued undermining of Loudoun County Public School’s efforts to provide a safe and equitable learning environment to every student“, referring to his down vote of making the month of March “Equity in Education” and voicing his concern over critical race theory being taught in LCPS. These same has-beens requested that LCSB and the Equity Committee “report” PACTS GoFundMe campaign for being anti-CRT, and on 3/25/21 our GoFundMe campaign was abruptly shut down. What these has-beens, LCSB and the “Equity Committee” failed to realize is that part of the fundraising was for recruitment, recruitment of Loudoun County Public School high school students who are also anti-CRT. Just today (1:30am) announced the formation of “LCPS P.A.C.T. R.A.T.S. (really angry teen students)”. These are brave kids are of every ethnicity who want to share their stories and experiences. How’s that for “equity”? We will continue forward, create a new funding campaign so that these kids can fulfill their desires, truths, and CRT experiences.

3/23/21: LCPS School Board Member John Beatty took to the mic, addressed the board members, and told the TRUTH about critical Race Theory in LCPS. Beatty didn’t let the has-beens get to him, he spoke the truth very plainly. This is a school board member speaking out on behalf of the students, parents and community and he recognizes and understands the dangers of critical race theory. Thank you John!

Censure Mr. John Beatty

Chardonnay Antifa (PACT knows who each person is that signed this email)3/22/21 10:02 AM (1 hour ago)
LCSB, LCPS, EquityCommittee

I support the letter below from #1 Chardonnay Antifa, #2 Chardonnay Antifa, and #3 Chardonnay Antifa.

The atmosphere is getting really toxic with the anti-CRT groups.  

Please report this GoFund Me https://www.gofundme.com/f/pact-anticrt-group-threatened-and-on-hit-list

Dear School Board –

On behalf of the Catoctin District, we ask that you censure Mr. John Beatty, Catoctin School Board Representative, for his most recent misrepresentation of facts and his continued undermining of Loudoun County Public School’s efforts to provide a safe and equitable learning environment to every student.

Mr. Beatty violated School Board Code of Conduct Policy 1030 Sections A4 and A5 and must be held accountable for his actions. Mr. Beatty is an elected official, and as such is held to a high level of review and standard which includes a responsibility to share the truthful facts.

On February 23, 2021 LCPS School board attempted to reaffirm their commitment to equity in education for all students with the presentation of the “Equity in Education Proclamation.” This proclamation, which was supported by every School Board member except Mr. Beatty, states that, among other things, “A diverse, inclusive, equitable, socially-just, and anti-racist teaching and learning community is a priority in Loudoun County Public Schools.”

Upon the presentation of this proclamation, Mr. Beatty took the opportunity to misinform, mislead and incite the community by stating facts that were patently false. Mr. Beatty’s shocking response to the motion to adopt the proclamation was, “The critical race theory that underpins this proclamation only serves to continue to inflame the divisions in this county. These recommended tools are not the solution and therefore I will not support this proclamation.” He then proceeded to vote nay on the adoption of the proclamation.

Mr. Beatty’s suggestion that Critical Race Theory has been adopted within LCPS is a lie. Communicating erroneous information is a clear violation of School Board Code of Conduct Policy 1030 Section A4, which states, “That my fellow board members and I should take the initiative in helping the people of this community to have the facts about their schools, to the end that they will provide the best possible school program, school staff, and school facilities.” Beatty did not put forward facts but, instead, used his seat on the dais to advance inflammatory mistruths.

Beatty also violated Section B5 of the same policy, which states he would, “Base my personal decisions upon all available facts in each situation and to vote my honest conviction in every case, unswayed by bias of any kind.” It’s obvious to all of us that Mr. Beatty’s statement and vote reflected his own personal bias and not the will of the Catoctin District. 

Mr. Beatty’s words were so off base and so offensive that he caused parents in the community and on social media to mobilize a retaliatory effort. According to news stories, parents were so offended by what they perceived as Mr. Beatty’s lies and outright racism that they started a recall petition for his seat. They also created lists of people who are known to resist equity in education, like Mr. Beatty. This online chatter, and the media coverage that followed, was so intense – and so unsettling to the Loudoun community – that interim Superintendent Ziegler had to issue a defensive statement on March 19 to the entire LCPS parent community denying that what Mr. Beatty had said on the dais was true.

Beatty caused staff to go into crisis mode to try and undo the damage he had done. In his email, Ziegler said, “LCPS has not adopted Critical Race Theory as a framework for staff to adhere to. Social media rumors that staff members have been disciplined or fired for not adhering to the tenets of Critical Race Theory or for refusing to teach this theory are not true.” 

At last week’s Curriculum & Instruction Committee presentation, we heard Dr. Ellis say, “We continue to harm when we do not acknowledge, center and address the lack of equitable instructional experiences provided to marginalized students in a way that ensures accountability.” The VA DOE website says, “Culture strongly influences the attitudes, values, and behaviors that students and teachers bring to the instructional process, making culturally responsive educators necessary for the equitable achievement of today’s increasingly diverse student population.”

Harm has been done and the LCPS culture has been marred by Mr. Beatty’s statements. You, as the highest officials in the school division, have an obligation to separate yourself from this rhetoric by publicly condemning it.

The Equity Collaborative’s research indicated that one area for improvement within LCPS is accountability. We couldn’t agree more. Please send a clear message of accountability to the Catoctin District and the Loudoun County community at large by censuring Mr. Beatty for violating Policy 1030.

If this School Board genuinely believes that equity is important to the success of our division, you must act now to defend the fidelity of the important work being done in our division to end discrimination and to empower all students to make meaningful contributions to the world.

Thank You,

  • #1 Chardonnay Antifa, Former Catoctin School Board Representative and Catoctin Resident
  • #2 Chardonnay Antifa, Former Equity Committee Member and Catoctin Resident
  • #3 Chardonnay Antifa, Former Lucketts Elementary PTA President and Catoctin Resident
  • #4 Chardonnay Antifa

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