3/23/21: PACT Attacks LCPS School Board Offers to Educate Them

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LCPS School Board Meeting Tonight. PACT Got Sidetracked But Still Gave Them a Smack

Original Talking Points Before Sidetracked

I think we can all agree that the LCPS Culturally Responsive Framework and Comprehensive Equity Plan Focus On:

  • Both are focused on identity, culture, communities, systemic racism and implicit bias
  • The funny thing is, these are the exact same attributes within Critical Race Theory framework
  • Beth Barts and Leslee King posted comments on FB saying: “LCPS is NOT teaching CRT”
  • Maybe Beth Barts and Leslee King can enlighten us with another FB post that compares/contrasts CRT with the “Culturally Responsive Framework” since LCPS is not teaching CRT

Friday, March 19, 2021: “Interim” Superintend Zeigler sent out an Update: “Rumors Concerning Equity Work”

  • Email contains a total of (702) words, but I’m going to focus on (6) words: “students do not receive equity training”
  • LCPS spent $500,000 to hire “The Equity Collaborative” and their final report contained the word “equity” (79) times
  • LCPS has created an “Equity Army” of (349).  Approximately (120) are paid and all have equity in their title and (217) volunteers/nominees also have “equity” in their title
  • LCPS “Comprehensive Equity Plan”, “equity” appears more than (30) different times
  • LCPS releases “Plan to Combat Systemic Racism”, “equity” appears (30) times
  • LCPS declares March as “Equity in Education Month”
  • LCPS is spending roughly $6M on “equity”
  • All of this and you expect us to believe LCPS students are not receiving equity training?
  • Is there anyone that has the faintest idea what is going on?  Yes, PACT does and you know it.

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