3/20/21: Comrade Zeigler Says “students do no receive equity training”

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A BLM Supporting “Interim” Superintendent, Multiple LCPS School Board Members Openly and Publicly LIE to Parents, Students and the Loudoun Community. Yet, They Provide Us With LCPS Material to Prove They LIED, Not “Misspoke” OR “That Was Taken Out of Context”. They Either Think We’re Too Dumb or Too Lazy.

March 19, 2021, Comrade Zeigler sent out an email titled: “Interim Superintendent’s Update: Rumors Concerning LCPS Equity Work”. P.A.C.T. has dissected ONE section and added the complete “Culturally Responsive Framework” Comrade Zeigler referenced (see below), which by the way is just another way to say to Critical Race Theory. Ask them to explain the difference, especially Barts and King!

4th Paragraph from the Bottom Comrade Zeigler Writes: “It should be noted that students do not receive equity training. LCPS has not adopted a uniform equity curriculum, but does have a Culturally Responsive Framework. This framework speaks to providing a welcoming, affirming environment and developing cultural competence through culturally responsive instruction, deeper learning, equitable classroom practices and social-emotional needs for a focus on the whole child.Ok, this entire statement is bogus. Take note of the underlined words “students do no receive equity training”.

  • Page (2) “Introduction”, Second Bullet, Point First Sentence & Last Sentence:
    • First Sentence: “A culturally responsive framework is necessary given the historical implications of inequitably designed educational systems, highlighting the disparity in educational experiences for certain subgroups of students.”
    • Last Sentence: Through an adaptive approach designed to meet the needs of EVERY learner, the culturally responsive framework will support coherence in the development of racial consciousness and equity literacy in student centered instructional decisions and learning environments.
    • PACT Comment: #1. The opposite of “inequitably” is “equity”. So how do you fix an “inequitably designed educational system”? Equity that’s how. #2. A “framework” is useless unless it’s used to TRAIN students, adults, etc. on whatever the subject matter happens to be. Comrade Zeigler’s fancy framework uses words like “coherence” AND “development” AND “instructional” AND “learning”. Folks, this is what a radical educator says to distract or persuade people from the truth, he thinks you’re too stupid to read between the lines. The funny part is PACT is simply reviewing the material Comrade Zeigler provided (see below).

LCPS Culturally Responsive Framework

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