3/2/21: LCPS and Beth Barts Continue to LIE About Critical Race Theory. Good Lord, Can’t We do Better than These people? Lie, Lie, Lie is What They Know

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Beth Barts believes parents are morons and she is a habitual liar. Lying is bad enough, but lying with proof of the lie in plain sight, well that’s just dumb

I think being the LCPS school board mascot has gone to Beth Barts head, a flickering 2 watt bulb. How can this women say, with a straight round face that critical race theory is NOT being taught in LCPS? Below are painfully obvious examples:

3/1/21: Beth Barts “LCPS is not teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT”

How Beth Barts is lying, let me count and show the ways:

  1. LCPS Partner Learning for Justice. Just the other day LCPS referred parents/teachers there for more information related to Dr. Seuss. A simple search for “Critical Race Theory” returns quite a few results. The first two examples, “Critical Race Theory” and “Introduction to Critical Theory” have links directly to those pages. Notice the words used for “Topics” and “Social Justice Domains”, exactly the same language LCPS is pushing.
  2. LCPS paid $1m to Equity Partner The Equity Collaborative, whose focus is CRT (see below). There is a link directly to their “Introduction to Critical Race Theory” slide deck.

So Barts wants people to believe that LCPS has spent millions of dollars on “Equity”, based on the guidance of an “Equity” consulting firm that teaches and promotes Critical Race Theory but LCPS is NOT teaching Critical Race Theory?

The Equity Collaborative is the “Equity Consulting” group that Loudoun County Public Schools is paying $1m for CRT services or as they like to say “Equity”. See for yourself, click the link in the image below.

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