3/19/21: Angry Moms Send BLM Supporter and “Interim” Superintendent Zeigler Their Sentiments

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Zeigler is quickly establishing a fan base. Great work, especially on top of the Daily Wire report and Dr. Suess

BOOM! Mom #1

Mr. Interim Superintendent (with an agenda),

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray said that the killings weren’t racially motivated and he’s the professional that is doing the investigation, not you. It seems as though you are taking a cue from the fake news media that is intent on blaming racism for everything that happens in this country. There isn’t an ongoing hate towards Asian Americans as you say and I ask that you reference your source for that statement. You are clearly fanning a fire that doesn’t exist. The motive behind the shootings that you and your ilk are ignoring involve the sex industry and the damage it causes to society. The shooting victims were also victims of the sex trade industry. An industry that feeds the perversions of morally deficient souls has taken many lives, both spiritually and physically. The shooter suffered from a mental illness. He was also addicted to sex and as reported by the police that know the facts, he went on a killing spree of women in the sex trade industry (who just happened to be Asian) as a last resort to end his addiction to sex at its source. He didn’t kill them because they were Asian and this wasn’t a hate crime. I truly wish that people like you would stop trying to instill fear into our communities. No one is targeting Asian Americans and your email is juvenile in content masquerading as substance behind an official email address. We know what you are attempting to do here and trust me, it’s not working. Parents against non existent racism are “woke” to your tactics.

BOOM! Mom #2

I’m not sure what news sources you use, but clearly what happened in the Atlanta spas was not about race. The 8 murders were absolutely horrific, but minorities weren’t targeted based on race. The man had a mental disorder and so was trying to removing people who tempted him and he chose a very morbid and disgusting way to deal with it a targeted a specific occupation. 

Stop making everything about race, but you won’t because you and the rest of LCPS completely support Critical Race Theory whether you will admit it or not. You are all a bunch of race baiters who want nothing more than to see people hate each other. It is absolutely repulsive what has happened to LCPS over the past 6 years, but mostly the past 2. Morbidly reprehensible that you would intentionally misreport news in order to stir up conflict. Please get your facts straight regarding the motives of the suspected killer and send out another email.

Also, how about you point out several other appalling instances of Asians killed at the hands of other minorities? In fact, my experience and that of many Asians is that Caucasians are the least like to commit racist crimes and the most likely to be the victim. How about the black man specifically knocking Asian girls over the head with a hammer in NYC only a few years ago in addition to the Asian girl getting raped in the track while people watched? Or the Asian man and wife beat by the black motorcycle gang while the under cover officer stood by and punchout game knocking down elderly Asians? Absolute silence!!  You and the rest of LCPS admin must be suffering from some serious “white guilt” that you want to blame everything on “racist whites”, which is a complete falsehood. Blacks are so successful here compared to virtually every other country in the world that I can’t believe people believe the lies you are helping to spread.

If things are so horrible here, then go live someplace else. If the USA is so horrible, why are we still the number one destination for immigrants?  I’ll tell you. Because they all live in reality and do know how good we ALL have it in this wonderful country. It’s only the naive woke crowd who has never had to live through a difficult time in their lives or who have forgotten what it was like during the Cold War or how their parents/grandparents lived through WWII. I guess life is just so easy now that folks have to fabricate something to complain about. I’m sure I’ll be added to the “the blacklist” based on this email if I’m not already, but I’ve had it. Thankfully my kid won’t have to deal with LCPS after this year.

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