3/18/21: Chardonnay ANTIFA Speaks! Co-Founder of the “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” Speaks to Atiba Madyun About Her Experience

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Jamie Neidig from the Chardonnay ANTIFA group ““ANTI-RACIST PARENTS OF LOUDOUN COUNTY” joined Atiba Madyun on a live stream today to discuss the situation that she and her group started in Loudoun County, well initiated by Beth Barts. I mean no offense to Mr. Madyun, but I’m not sure how his show competes with Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Ben Shapiro, Fox News, The Gateway Pundit, Daily Wire, Chris Rufo, James Lindsay…..just saying. The video is about (10) minutes long and there just a few ridiculous things to call out:

  1. Neidig Says: “We historically black school in Ashburn where I live that was vandalized with racist slurs”. True story, and it should never have happened and the guilty were caught, charged and sentenced. However this occurred in October 2016 Jamie, hardly suggests wide spread rampant white supremacy and racism in Loudoun County
  2. Neidig Says: “[2019] For whatever reason a teacher thought it was appropriate to hold a “Runaway Slave Game” as part of Black History Month [Madison Trust Elementary School]”. Another true story, and again should never have happened and it was really a stupid decision on the teachers part. However, what Neidig doesn’t share is that the equity group LCPS hired shortly after this incident, The Equity Collaborative, was founded by Jamie Almanzan. Who is this? Well, maybe Neidig can ask him about his days (not long ago) when he worked for the Pacific Education Group and they charged school districts $30,000 to simulate runaway slave games, and as bad as the incident at Madison Trust was, it looks like child’s play compared to Jamie Almanzan and the Pacific Education Group’s simulation. Don’t forget, this is the dummy LCPS hired to conduct an equity assessment.
  3. Neidig Says: “This [systemic racism and white supremacy in Loudoun County] is just going on at it’s a pervasive problem it’s backed up by data”. She makes the claim of “backed up by plenty of data” several times during this interview. Personally, I think she’s full of it and the NAACP, LCPS and MSAAC make the same claims and have NEVER provided this “data”. The Equity Collaborative assessment, written by a guy that charged for “Runaway Slave” simulations doesn’t qualify. However, where is all this “data”? An incident from 2016 and 2019 and high school students (mostly black) using the N-Word do not qualify as a “pervasive problem”. Be bold Jamie, name names. Where are these white supremacists hiding? Have they held any recent parades? Do they have secret handshakes or white bandannas like other gangs do to display their colors? You and people like you are the problem. You are painting an entire county and the people in it as if we have weekly lynchings and burn crosses every Friday and Saturday night. This is garbage, insulting and offensive, not just to white people but many ethnicities. Something tells me there will be more about this surfacing in the near future, just a hunch. When you have proof and evidence on your side, also known as facts, then there’s nothing to apologize for. I look forward to more guest appearances.

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