3/17/21: LCPS Makes Washington Times: Loudoun County teachers blacklist, dox parents critical of race teachings

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Loudoun County teachers blacklist, dox parents critical of race teachings

A group of teachers and others in Loudoun County, Virginia, compiled a blacklist of parents who they felt disagreed with the school’s teaching of critical race theory (CRT), in an effort to humiliate them online.

The blacklist was in part to “infiltrate,” to use “hackers” to silence parents’ communications and to “expose these people publicly,” the Daily Wire first reported.

Loudoun County has long been at the forefront of woke progressivism. It was the school district which first took aim at Dr. Seuss books for their “strong racial undertones.” 

Last year, it dedicated nearly a half-million dollars on programs designed to counter systemic bias and oppression. The coaching and training sessions focused on uncovering “personal and institutional biases that prevent all people and especially people of color, from reaching their fullest potential,” with “oppression analysis, learning theory and coaching for change.”

Parents, concerned these teachings may sow more discord by focusing on our differences and grievances rather than what unites us, have been called out.

According to the Daily Wire, Loudoun County school board member Beth Barts recommended in a Facebook posting last week for members to “call out statements and actions that undermine our stated plan to end systemic racism.” The recommendation quickly devolved into members compiling a list of parents who may not be supportive of the school system’s focus on CRT.The list included dozens of parents, many times where they lived, their employers, and spouses’ names. 

“They [also] erred on the side of accusing the innocent,” the Daily Wire reported. “In response to one name added, another member asked, `Why is she on this list? I haven’t seen her support anti-CRT?’”

The response: “I put a question mark next to her bc I’m curious about some of her comments re the Dr. Seuss nonsense and racial equity generally. Happy to remove if I’m off the mark.”

“‘No no, I wouldn’t go so far as to take her off. However, from what I’ve seen she is very carefully neutral,’ the parent replied,” the Daily Wire reported.

The sheriff’s criminal-investigations division is reviewing the matter, the Daily Wire reported. Meanwhile, the cult of racial essentialism grows stronger each day in Loudoun County.

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