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2+2=5 used to be a joke, it’s now becoming a reality

PACT has warned about this BUT now, I guess we can say it’s “official”. Radicals are/have hijacked MATH! 2+2=5 was always a sarcastic joke from George Orwell , it’s now a reality. Not surprising the idiots running the LCPS ship nod their head like a bobble doll in agreement instead of pushing back.

Parens, rise up to the biggest fight of your life. We need you, your kids need you and 2+2=4 needs you.

What are the goals and desired outcomes of VMPI?

The Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative (VMPI) will:

  • Improve EQUITY in mathematics learning opportunities
  • Empower students to be active participants in a quantitative world
  • Encourage students to see themselves as knowers and doers of mathematics
  • Identify K-12 mathematics pathways that support future success
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholder to advance mathematics education

The VMPI will develop an initial vision for mathematics education in K-12 that will require feedback from many different stakeholders across the Commonwealth.  This feedback will be critical when the Mathematics Standards of Learning revisions in 2023 reflect the goals and recommendations of this Initiative. Possible piloting of high school level mathematics courses prior to full implementation is now being considered. This Initiative will establish an innovative direction for mathematics education in Virginia that will benefit all students.

Help and Share The Message!