3/16/21: Someone, Please Take the Keyboard Away From Beth Barts. Throw Her a Life Vest, An Anchor, Something

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Square Peg, Round Hole? 3/1/21 “LCPS is NOT teaching CRT”….3/16/21 Mr. Slevin did a great job explaining our LCPS focus when Mr. Mahedavi asked the question about CRT”.

Beth Barts is the entire reason today’s story was even made possible. On 3/1/21 she claimed that LCPS is NOT teaching CRT. Then, just today and well after the news broke, she was grateful for the answer Mr. Slevin (whoever this is) provided to another board member, Harris Mahedavi, when asked about LCPS’s focus and CRT. It’s important that Mr. Slevin NEVER said anything about CRT NOT being taught in LCPS, what he did is spun his answer into the “Equity” BS. Both CRT and this Equity movement ARE ONE IN THE SAME.

Beth “Censured” Barts ladies and gentlemen. For some reason rocks and bag comes to mind, perhaps I’m thinking of yard work.

March 1, 2021

March 16, 2021

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