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To Those That Believe PACT Has an Axe to Grind or Targeting People/Groups Intentionally…It’s called Accountability

People may have noticed a bit of an edge with some of PACT’s post and/or Tweets, and that’s because there has been. Why? Do we have a personal vendetta, grudge, or score to settle with any of the parents or groups in Loudoun we have been fighting along side? Nope, it’s called accountability. I’m far from perfect, and when I make a mistake I do my best to promptly admit it, and apologize to those that may have been impacted by my actions. I try to hold myself accountable as well, and expect to be held to account.

Let’s go back to 2021 and the Governors race. What was Youngkin’s number one promise? He said he would ban CRT. Unfortunately, that is a meaningless statement as CRT is not actually taught in our schools, rather it is the tenets of CRT. I voted for Youngkin and support him to this day, however, for a solid month before his inauguration I was posting and Tweeting like mad, trying to get Governor Youngkin to scrap saying he’d ban CRT, but tell the people he would ban the TENETS of CRT, as mentioned earlier there is a BIG distinction between the two and meaningful messaging. I was a royal PITA, and to the average voter it appeared as if I disliked Youngkin. I didn’t and I don’t. What I was doing was holding him ACCOUNTABLE, because for him to say he would “Ban CRT” was disingenuous and not true.

On January 16, 2022, (2) days after Governor Youngkin’s inauguration he appeared on Fox News:

So, as you can see from the video above, we do not discriminate when it comes to accountability, it’s not personal. You may not like it, me, or what I say & how I say it, but we will not yield nor will we apologize. It’s always been about our kid’s, education, and doing what’s right, not what’s politically expedient, popular, or some hidden agenda(s). Do what you say, say what you do, and do what’s right, it’s not that difficult. Besides, you never know when PACT will be making an appearance on a national news network again.

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