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Wexton and EVERY Democrat Upend Civil Rights Act and Add an Entirely “New” Special Interest Group, LGBTQ+

For many months we have been telling anyone that would listen that Jennifer Wexton has 16+ bills dedicated to the LGBTQ+ Mafia. We’ve also seen an onslaught of mind boggling LGBTQ+ decisions coming out of the faux White House. ALL of this has been in the works for a long time and Jennifer Wexton, self appointed “Queen of Trans”, has been a big part of it all.

Today, people’s mouths all dropped open in disbelief with Biden announcing his radical changes to the Civil Rights Act, including financial implications if states do not honor and implement their ultra radical LGBTQ+ policies.

The graphic above is a simple representation of many of the key items VAO has disseminated over the past few months, which have also appeared in many news publications. However, what many may not realize or understand is that each of these “blocks” above are just mafia like tactics and government overreach, EVERYTHING Wexton and Team Joe are doing have cemented, protected and can/will be enforced by Wexton’s HR5-Equality Act. In fact, the changes to the Civil Rights Act are embedded in the HR5-Equality Act.

This is a governmental layered approach to pissing on the US Constitution. The Civil Rights Act was meant to provide protections for people regardless race, color, religion, national origin, or sex (male/female) NOT a fabricated “race” of people known as LGBTQ+ that have unilaterally create 10,000 different types of genders or sexes.

While Biden is creating costly distractions over here, Wexton and Team Joe have destroyed the fabric of America with their LGBTQ+ agenda.

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