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S.2125 – Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act States: “To divert Federal funding away from supporting the presence of police in schools and toward evidence-based and trauma informed services that address the needs of marginalized students”

Have you ever noticed that when the federal, state, and local governments want to “address the needs of marginalized students” it ends up very bad for everyone, including the “marginalized students” they fraudulently claim they to want protect? Why haven’t they tried an “evidence-based and trauma informed service” in Chicago where “marginalized students” are gunned down at genocidal rates?

This radical and obscene Act is perfectly in line with bat guano crazy Loudoun County’s BOS member Juli Briskman and her comments from just the other day:

Bat Guano Juli Briskman is very good friends with and a surrogate of Jennifer Wexton. They are both member of the Loudoun County Syndicate, which also includes Loudoun Syndicate fundraiser Lynn Miller who referred to the new GOP Congressional nominee Hung Cao as “Cao Shit”. Jennifer Wexton sits at the top of the Loudoun Syndicate and needs to be removed, then in 2023 we remove the rest, just like surgically removing wide spread cancer.


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