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Congratulations to Hung Cao, #VA10’s 2022 GOP Congressional Candidate!

VA Overwatch and PACT would like to offer our heartiest congratulations to Hung Cao on being nominated as the Virginia District 10 GOP Congressional Candidate!  It’s been a privilege and an honor to have met and worked with Hung throughout this 2022 midterm primary season!  Your story and life experiences are going to help #VA10 to “dethrone” Jennifer Wexton in November.

This was not an easy primary, (11) candidates in total.  We’re confident that come November, #VA10’s next Congressman will be Hung.  Being a career military man, Special Ops to be specific, Hung has always been prepared for battle, however, this battle is literally at his front door.  You will not be in this alone brother!  By your side will be an infantry of parents, grandparents, and students (of ALL walks of life) making sure you are equipped with all the informational weaponry needed to battle the progressive and ultra-corrupt Jennifer Wexton and the Loudoun County Syndicate.

Congratulations Hung!  We at VA Overwatch and PACT are ready to join forces and win this fight with facts, evidence, truth, and God on our side!

Sincerest congratulations,

VA Overwatch and PACT

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