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There are (11) GOP candidates vying for a primary victory on May 21, 2022 to take on the radical and ultra progressive Jennifer Wexton on November 8th.  PACT will not be endorsing any candidates, however below is what we think we need and don’t need from our pool of candidates:

What we need:

  • A candidate that is intimately familiar with Wexton’s progressive legislation, corrupt associations, and her deception towards her constituents
  • A candidate that understands how the progressive ideology works and how to counter it
  • A candidate that is well rounded and/or knowledgeable in all areas of concern; foreign affairs, economy (foreign and domestic), working with a strong focused team, education, immigration, public safety
  • A candidate that has layered life experiences that help to support these areas of concern
  • A candidate with backbone and not a delicate fragile flower

What we don’t need:

  • A RINO candidate
  • A candidate that would go along to get along
  • A candidate that sees a congressional seat as a means of increasing personal wealth whether through insider trading (hot topic nowadays), special interest groups, or backroom deals.  There’s way too much of this already
  • A single issue, fly-by-night, or self serving candidate
  • A candidate based on popularity, ethnicity or gender, we need the BEST candidate period

Of the (11) candidates, (3) have campaign videos on their website: John Henley, Brendon Michon, and Hung Cao.  Each video provides a clear and distinct message of what these candidates are about or lack.  When the other candidates have a video available, we’ll post them as well.

Help and Share The Message!