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NAACP: “LCPS must address equitable access for African American students first! THIS LCPS ACTION PLAN IS TO COMBAT SYSTEMIC RACISM NOT to address other races, gender, ELL, socioeconomic status or student with disabilities”

Today is March 26, 2022, and the racist, and hateful actions of Michelle Thomas, Robin Burke, and the NAACP & Loudoun Freedom Center continue to surface. This time, they are caught discriminating against students with disabilities, race, gender, and ELL (page 4). The document below may be one of the worst factual examples PACT has provided on the unbelievable deception Michelle Thomas, the NAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center has perpetuated on the parents of Loudoun County, the feckless LCPS, and the citizens of Loudoun County.

The document below is the NAACP’s comments on the creation of LCPS’s “Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism”. You will notice quite a few responses from the NAACP that begin with “Who and How”. This is very important to pay attention to because the “Who and How” actually represents the NAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center. Michelle Thomas, Robin Burke, and the NAACP & Loudoun Freedom Center represent the Equity Arsonists and the Equity Firefighters. They also dictated actions for LCPS to take, for example:

Michelle Thomas, the NAACP, and Loudoun Freedom Center have got to be BANNED, CANCELLED, REMOVED from ANYTHING having to do with LCPS and education all around. What these reprobates put LCPS, and Loudoun County through should anger everyone in this county. They INTENTIONALLY targed students with disabilities, all other races, gender, and ELL. We need rise up as a community and DEMAND that they are all removed. This was a deliberate and unconscionable premeditated racial attack on all of us. Michelle Thomas played all of Loudoun County for a fool, all for money and power.

What are you going to do?

BUSTED! NAACP and Loudoun freedom center orchestrated Two Incidents: runaway slave Game and Enslaved Role Playing in 2019

Timeline of NAACP Take Over of LCPS

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