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Quick update here and record correction. When we posted this story last night, we were unaware that the Loudoun NAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center (Michelle Thomas is President of both) were actually involved in TWO slavery simulation games:

We are just starting to get the details about the Enslavement role playing game, which is different but overlaps with the Runaway Slave game at Madison Trust.

Our apologies, we had no idea that there were numerous fraudulent slavery role playing games in LCPS that involved the NAACP and LFC.

1/2/19 Email: “Michele Thomas who runs the Loudoun Freedom Center, is the current President of the Loudoun chapter of the NAACP and a LCPS parent, to review the curriculum with me this summer (2018). She agreed with me that multiple perspectives, including that of enslaved Americans, were vital to the students’ understanding”

Who could forget the national story from early 2019 when LCPS’s Madison Trust Elementary School made national attention for holding a “Runaway Slave Game“! Michelle Thomas, President of the NAAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center said of the incident;“We don’t know how much of this is willful ignorance, how much of it is white privilege and how much of it is an intentional racist action or if it’s a combination of all three,” she said. “It’s unacceptable, and it undermines the community and the education that our children receive.” Then, the Black Panthers actually forced their way into Madison Trust Elementary and demanded the teacher(s) responsible be fired.

This is the moment Michelle Thomas, the NAACP, and Loudoun Freedom Center began to take over LCPS. There’s an extensive timeline video below of their take over, however, that is not the focus of this post, just some additional context.

In the summer of 2018, Michelle Thomas, the NAACP, and Loudoun Freedom Center began working on organizing and executing the “Runaway Slave Game”, at LCPS SSGS (Social Science and Global Studies) direction. Michelle Thomas even provided direction on how the elementary students should engage in the “Runaway Slave Game” activity. Additionally, Michelle Thomas also volunteered herself to speak with any parents who had questions and LCPS’s approach.

On 1/2/19, the parents of a black student contacted the LCPS Supervisor of School Counseling Services, Tracy Jackson, that were troubled by the activity that commenced in mid February 2019. In the email thread below, again from 1/2/19 a full month and a half BEFORE the Runaway Slave activity, you will see that Tracy Jackson confirmed that Michelle Thomas WAS AWARE of the parents concerns.

Directly below are the emails that confirm with 100% certainty that Michelle Thomas, the NAACP, and Loudoun Freedom Center planned, coordinated, helped execute, and lied to the parents, students, and citizens of Loudoun County, as well as the entire country. In addition to Michelle Thomas, LCPS’s Executive Director of Learning and Teaching, Neil Slevin was FULLY aware and did NOTHING. Neil has to be fired, full stop.

Michelle Thomas, the NAACP, and Loudoun Freedom Center have got to be BANNED, CANCELLED, REMOVED from ANYTHING having to do with LCPS and education all around. What these reprobates put LCPS, and Loudoun County through should anger everyone in this county, and we need rise up to DEMAND that they are all removed. This was a deliberate and unconscionable premeditated racial attack on all of us. Michelle Thomas played all of Loudoun County for a fool, all for money and power.

Timeline of NAACP Take Over of LCPS

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